Water parks in Rimini - photos, price, description

Water parks in Rimini

Water parks in Rimini

Dinner parties, excursions, shopping, hiking, walking - it is a small part of the entertainment in Rimini. You want emotional complement to the rest? Visit the local water parks!

Water parks in Rimini

In the water park "Aquafan" offers:

  • spa, swimming pools, Jacuzzi and pool with ocean waves "Ocean in miniature";
  • water slides for adults (130-meter pipe Twist, attractions "Kamikaze" and "Fiume Rapido", the extreme slide "Speedriul") and children;
  • children's area "Aquakid" pool "Elephant", "Antarctic beach", "Swimming Pool elephant", "beach animation";
  • artificial beach where you can sunbathe on the loungers, as well as play a game of volleyball or basketball;
  • diving school;
  • bars, restaurants and picnic areas.

In addition, there are themed parties, such as foam parties Aquarius (dancing in the sea foam is like aqua aerobics).

Admission fee (valid 2 days): adults - 28 euros (for people aged 65+ will be offered to buy a ticket for 23 euros), 6-11 year olds - 20 euros, deaf - € 20 / adult, € 16 / child.

Water Park "Mirabilandia Beach" offersslowly float down the river "Rio Angel", test rides "Salto del Caribe" (is a hill-tunnel), "Salto Tropical" (slide-tube), "Rio Diablo" (skating with 170-meter-high hill on the 2-seater inflatable boat), "Vuelta Vertigo" (riding a 10-meter ramp at the 2-seater inflatable boat). In addition, there is an artificial beach, lounge chairs with umbrellas, a restaurant, El Castillo castle with slides for children (younger guests engage in fun "battlefield") and water cannons.

A visit to the water park for adults will cost 20 euros,children (below 140 cm) - 15 euros and children under 1 m and the disabled - free. If you decide to visit in addition to the water park and amusement park Mirabilandia, the adult ticket will cost you 40 euros, and children - 30 euro. Important: buying a ticket for the whole day, he will act, and the second day!

Water Activities in Rimini

Vacationers in Rimini recommended to visitDolphinarium (entrance fee: adults - 13 euros children - 10 euro) to enjoy a dolphin show (during the show dolphins perform acrobatics, dance, play) and go through the "Maritime Gallery" - there in the aquariums, live sea ​​urchins, crabs, representatives of the Mediterranean and tropical seas.

Beach lovers can relax onthe beaches of "Marina Centro" and "Lungomare Augusto", and enthusiastic diving - use the services of diving center "Dive Planet" (organized dives for all levels, including those involving examination of sunken planes and ships, dive around Rimini - Reserve Monte -San Bartolo, an underwater island Roses).


  • Water parks in Rimini
  • Water parks in Rimini

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