Things to do in Rimini? What to do and where to go in Rimini?

What to do in Rimini

What to do in Rimini

Rimini is a popular resort in the Adriatic, famous for its sandy beaches, shopping centers, discos, a masterpiece of architecture and painting.

What to do in Rimini?

  • Go to the park "Italia in Miniatura" (here you will see the sights of Italy and Europe in a reduced form);
  • Admire the mausoleum - the temple of the Malatesta;
  • Go through the arch of Augustus;
  • Walk across the bridge of Tiberius;
  • Visit House of the surgeon, and look at the antique tools;
  • Relax on the beach of La Marina.

Things to do in Rimini?

Rimini is divided into two zones - historical and resort: historical will give you an abundance of temples and palaces, and the resort - the Adriatic and the sandy beaches.

Visiting the Museum della Citta, you can seecollection of ancient frescoes, pottery and works of art. For those interested in painting should go to the Gallery of Sacred Art, where they can see the priceless canvases belonging to the XVI century, ancient vases and a collection of religious values.

For shopping should go to the promenade of Rimini- There are many shops. Restaurants, shops and cafes can be found in the city center, walking through the streets of Augusto Corso Garibaldi and Gambalunga.

If you come to Rimini in July, you will haveopportunity to participate in the celebration of the "Pink Night" - all the clubs of the city organize noisy entertainment program (entrance to come to the clubs in a pink dress - free).

Children should please visit the water park Beach Village, amusement park "Fiabilandia" and dolphinarium.

Jazz lovers can walk every evening on the promenade of Rimini Federico Fellini in the park to listen to performances of jazz musicians.

If you get tired of passively relax on the beachLa Marina, you can take part in beach volleyball and basketball, as well as play a game of beach tennis. Rimini is famous for its excellent opportunities for water sports - here you can enjoy sailing, windsurfing and kitesurfing.

Nature lovers can get a picnic or just to explore the winding roads of the picturesque park Marecchia.

A fun evening and night can discothequesand clubs in Rimini. At your service - Carnaby Club (unique discotheque on three floors), Life Club (disco with 2 rooms), Blu-Up (night club, which has oval bars and dance floors with beautiful lighting), Paradiso (a club with a beautiful environment, good music and delicious cocktails).

Holidays in Rimini Beach lovers will appreciate, noisy parties, fascinating excursions.

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  • What to do in Rimini

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