Airport in Rome - El Prat: diagram photo. How to get to Rome airport

Airport in Rome

Airport in Rome

Rome - the largest city in the world, and therefore to the cityare two airports: the name of the airport Leonardo da Vinci (another name - Fiumicino) and Ciampino airport. And he and the other airport in Rome provides international transport, and thus of Russia you can fly to Italy in any of them.

Leonardo da Vinci Airport (Fiumicino)

The airport is located 30 kilometers from the Rome Fiumicino Airport in a small town (and this is due to his middle name). It is the oldest airport in Rome, opened January 15, 1961.
At the moment, the airport has four terminals.
To get there by car is easiest if you follow from Rome on highway A91. In addition, the airport is followed by train (the station Termini - the central station in Rome) and buses.
In order to register on an international flight, it is better to arrive two hours before departure. As for the internal flight must arrive in half an hour.
At the airport, Fiumicino offers many services,including space for parking, medical center, banks, luggage, luggage carts and packaging, post office, VIP-hall, business center, conference room, as well as internet, tourist offices and, of course, all kinds of restaurants, bars , cafes and shops are duty-free.

Ciampino Airport

The second name - the name of the airport GiovanniBattista Pastine. One of the oldest operating airport in Europe - its opening took place in 1916. After Fiumicino Airport was opened, which was held by the majority of international flights, Ciampino Airport refocused on domestic flights. But since 2008 it has become a destination for many low-cost airlines.
Airport is located 12 kilometers from the centerRome, in the south-east, in the Lazio region. Unfortunately, the rail link with Fiumicino does not exist. The easiest way to reach it by bus-transfers, which departs from the central Termini station in Rome, and from Ciampino Station. As with the airport of Fiumicino, it is recommended to arrive two hours before international flights and one and a half hours before departure on domestic flight.
The most important services that are offered by the airport: medical center, a place for parking cars, different banking institutions, the ability to use a cart for luggage and pack it, free internet access, as well as the VIP-hall, a conference room and, of course, plenty of shops duty-free, bars, restaurants and cafes.

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