Beaches Rome: photo. The best sandy beaches in Rome (Italy)

Rome Beaches

Rome Beaches

In Rome itself there is marine beaches, as the capitalItaly is still distant from the coast. But destinations have direct access to the sea. Spa coast near the Italian capital - it is a real constellation of wonderful towns. "Beaches Rome" Therefore, they are often called.

Lido de Ostia

The closest to Rome is a seaside resortLido di Ostia. This is probably the most popular place for a beach holiday. It has other names: Ostia or Lido di Roma. The latter emphasizes the important thing for the City on Seven Hills value. The city gained a seaside resort for the inhabitants of Rome shortly before the Second World War. Today, there are several beautiful beaches, with excellent facilities for leisure and even for sports. The flow of tourists in Lido di Ostia is always great. This rush and those who come to vacation with children, wanting to visit the best beaches in Rome.

Anzio and Nettuno

Lovers of solitude and rest rather choose a resortAnzio, nestled among gently sloping dunes. With it blends neighboring resort - Nettuno. If you add up all the beaches of Anzio and Nettuno, they can be counted 55. They are completely different, and you can always pick up something for your taste. Each for himself will be able to find the one and only piece of coast that will forever slam into memory and save itself the warmest memories.


This beachfront resort can be found to the south of Rome. He is considered to be a famous center of recreation in the Italian bohemians. It attracts actors, directors, television divas and movie stars. Here you can meet unfettered famous designers and producers. It is almost a perfect resort for elite tourism. But the prices are appropriate, by the way, they are significantly higher than in other coastal cities. Sabaudia only confirmed his stardom again, having received the European "Blue Flag" in 2012. So it has become on a par with the cities of San Felice Circeo and resort Ventotene Cala Nave. This beautiful and eco-friendly coastal resorts, which are also located relatively close to Rome.


This ancient town has always enjoyedpopular seaside resorts. Located in the outskirts of Rome, and a wonderful view from the beaches of the ancient castle - all this implies here the inhabitants of the Italian capital and tourists.


Terracina also boasts of its beautiful historic center and cozy beaches. Here you can take a tour, sunbathing and plenty of fun in the turquoise water.

Santa Marinella and Santa Severa

These city-neighbors, moreover, that are excellent beach resorts do not lag behind Terracina and Gaeta with its ancient castles, museums.

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  • Rome Beaches
  • Rome Beaches
  • Rome Beaches
  • Rome Beaches

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