The capital of Italy: map, photo. What is the capital of Italy?

Rome is the capital of Italy

Rome is the capital of Italy

The capital of Italy, Rome - a great city,sung by many poets. His power, beauty and wealth could not go unnoticed. "Eternal City" - so more often referred to Rome, is ready to give its guests a great many interesting places to visit.

Capitol and Capitol Hill

This "heart" of the capital, where theRoman municipality. Hill is decorated with exquisite white marble staircase, built on a magnificent project of Michelangelo. During the ascent you will be able to admire the beautiful bougainvillea bushes decorated with lilac-purple flowers. The top of the staircase is decorated with a pair of equestrian statues belonging to the period of the Roman Empire. The top of the hill completely occupies du Capitole, recreated at the request of Pope Paul III.


The next place that it is imperative toinspect. Once a huge amphitheater, now it is a magnificent ruin. Now the Coliseum is called a little differently - Amfiteart Flavia, and the indigenous inhabitants of Rome sometimes call him Kollosum.

Palatine hill

It was here, according to tradition, and found the future founders of the city - Romulus and Remus. Capitol Hill has not always been the center of the capital. This role is a relatively short time performed Palatine Hill.


The city is incrediblethe number of churches. If every day to visit the new church, and a year is not enough to explore all the temples. In them you will be able to admire the works of the great Michelangelo, Raphael and Bernini.

Be sure to include in the list of visits Santa MariaMaggiore, the Lateran Basilica, the Pantheon and the San Giovanni. Explore the second largest cathedral of Rome - Basilica of Saint Paul Outside the Walls. First, of course, St. Peter's Basilica.

Areas of the city

Among the many areas of the capital necessaryselect the area of ​​Spain. It named because it was so, that there is an embassy of this country, since 1647. You will love the ladder by which you can climb to the church of Santa Trinita dei Monti. Its construction took four years (1723-1726 biennium). The area is always full of people. On the steps of love to sit and tourists, and the indigenous inhabitants of the city.

Very beautiful and Piazza Navona. If you like the style of Baroque, it is sure to take a stroll here.


The most famous fountain in Rome - Trevi madein an elegant baroque style. Its center is decorated with a statue of Neptune, ruling troika. There is a sign: if you throw a coin into the water of the fountain, you will return again in the "Eternal City".


  • Rome is the capital of Italy
  • Rome is the capital of Italy
  • Rome is the capital of Italy

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