How to fly from Rome to Moscow? Time of flight Rome - Moscow

How to fly from Rome to Moscow?

How to fly from Rome to Moscow?

In Rome, you can slowly wander through Romancatacombs, stroll along the promenade of the Tiber and Piazza Navona, the Pantheon and see the St. Peter's Cathedral, the ruins of the temple of Vesta, and the Coliseum, make a wish, this process is accompanied by throwing coins in the Trevi Fountain, to spend time in the amusement park "Zoomarine" and the water park "Aquafelix"? It's time to go home, and you want to know how many hours you'll land on home soil?

How to fly from Rome to Moscow on a direct flight?

Russian and Italian capital are removed from eachother nearly 2,400 km, which means that your flight will end in about 3.5 hours. So, hit the road with the "of Alitalia" and "Aeroflot" in Moscow will be exactly 3.5 hours, and with "Transaero" - almost 4 hours.

It is worth noting that during the flight Rome-Moscow you will pay at least 8000-9000 rubles (this price is expected by March and April).

Rome-Moscow flight with transfers

you will be able to fly if necessary toRussia's capital, using connecting flights to Riga, Frankfurt, Madrid, Paris and other cities (such flights take between 6 to 22 hours).

For example, if on the way to Moscow route will berouted considering transplantation in Belgrade ( "Jat Airways"), your air travel will take 6.5 hours, in Vienna ( "Meridiana") - 5 hours in Vienna and Munich ( "Air Berlin") - 17 hours, in St. Petersburg ( "STC Russia") - nearly 7 hours in Copenhagen ( "Sas") -17 hours in Barcelona ( "Iberia") - 6.5 hours in Paris ( "Air France") - 7:00, in Zurich and Geneva ( "Swiss") - 9,5 hours in Warsaw and Vienna ( "LOT Polish Airlines") - 9 hours.

Select airline

Flights carried out in this directionThe following airlines (they offer their passengers to fly on the Embraer 190, Airbus A 321-100, Embraer 175, Boeing 737-500): "Alitalia"; "Transaero"; "Air Baltic"; "Air Serbia"; "Vueling".

For service flights Rome-Moscow respondsLeonardo da Vinci Airport (Fiumicino, FCO), remote from the city center 30 km (move between terminals is possible on free buses). Here you can take a trolley for luggage, pack it and put into storage chamber, to get everything you need in a duty-free-shop, satisfy your hunger in cafes and restaurants, as well as connect to the Internet using a local access point to the Internet network.

What to do in an airplane?

Flying allows travelers to reflect ontheme of the native people who give gifts, bought in Rome, in the form of models masterpieces of Roman architecture, porcelain figurines, Italian cured meats and sausages, sunglasses, organic cosmetics, products made of Murano glass.


  • How to fly from Rome to Moscow?
  • How to fly from Rome to Moscow?
  • How to fly from Rome to Moscow?

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