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Independent travel to Rome

Independent travel to Rome

Almost three thousand years there is Rome, and for thishe rightfully earned the glory of the Eternal City. In Rome, all roads lead all the way, but because the Italian capital is always in the list of the most important cities to visit for many travelers.

When to go to Rome?

Every season is beautiful in Rome. However, in the summer it is too hot, but the autumn or spring fully meet the expectations of travelers. It was during these months, hiking especially comfortable and warm Roman evening adjust on the most romantic way. In winter, the city is transformed and becomes elegant and solemn. Catholics around the world come to Rome to get to the Vatican and to admire the main tree of the world.

How to get to Rome?

At least four hours in the air passengers spendDirect flights Rome - Moscow, before you set foot on the ancient land. From Fiumicino Airport, the easiest way to reach the city on trains, landing on who carried out directly at the airport.


Hotels in Rome there for every taste anddemand, cost of living in them depends on the location and the star, and therefore should be guided in choosing the totality of all these factors. Even the most unpretentious hotel in the Italian capital will be comfortable and convenient, but the lack of star more than compensates for the attentive staff, ready to help in all their guests.

Argue about taste

It was in Rome, one can understand for themselves whattrue Italian food. They serve authentic pasta and pizza, ravioli served with real Parmesan cheese and decorate with fruit desserts inherent only people here cooks sense of style. Dinner is easier and cheaper just a pizzeria, each of which offers Italian cuisine and hit the tables, and takeaway. But to experience the true Roman spirit, should be ordered at least one dinner in the open-air restaurant overlooking the Colosseum and other historic sites. In addition to sumptuous dishes at this dinner can fully enjoy the magnificent views of the old town, every stone of which - an ancient, valuable and memorable.

Cognitive and exciting

In Rome you need and you can wander indefinitely. Its historic center is not large in comparison with the scale of Moscow, and therefore a detailed map and comfortable shoes will sure guarantee that the city will open its secrets, and will be a real good friend to every inquisitive traveler.

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