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Tours in Rome

Tours in Rome

The Eternal City, and one of the most beautiful capitals in the world,Rome - a cherished goal of almost every traveler. There was once made history, and now here are all the roads and hiking trails. Enjoy the majestic ancient ruins, admire the cathedrals and castles, relax in the café with views of the sights on a planetary scale - all these can be safely included in the tour program in Rome.

Briefly about the importance

  • The historical part of the city is readily available forwalking. Old Rome is compact enough and if there is free time, it is best to get on foot. It will be able to save money for a taxi, which in Europe can not be attributed to the cheapest mode of transport.
  • Drink coffee or dine at the best not the mostcentral streets. The cafe away from hiking trails and pleasant prices, and quality of the food - at altitude. Optimally choose a restaurant where many locals. There's definitely tastier.
  • During the tour in Rome it is important to observe the rules of personal safety. Pickpockets in connection with the influx of migrants has increased quite there.
  • Taking the road to the capital of Italy is to look carefully at the sides. Driving style absolute majority Roman motorists aggressive enough.

From the Colosseum to the Trevi

Booking tours to Rome, you can advance to study the listmajor attractions. They are located within a few minutes walk from each other, and therefore independent walking will not cause problems. If the time to free the study of the city is not enough, it is better to take a guide. It is important to bear in mind that the influx of tourists in the capital of Italy is not always possible to comfortably see the sights, and a large crowd prevents to make memorable pictures. Council is simple: if you get up early in the morning and have time before the majority of the organized excursions, you can enjoy the magnificent views from the seven hills of Rome without a lot of competitors.

Choosing season

When planning trips to Rome have to be taken into accountclimatic characteristics of the region. To visit brought positive experience, you should not choose to vacation during the summer months. At this time in Rome is very hot and stuffy, the thermometer will persistently strive to 30, so comfortable walking can be broken.
The most magnificent season in the Italian capital -it's the middle of spring and early autumn. In these months, quite comfortable temperature readings, the rains are rare, and the main tourist crowds have not arrived yet or had already left the Eternal City.


  • Tours in Rome
  • Tours in Rome

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