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Transport in Rome

Transport in Rome

Rome - tourist Mecca at any time of the day,snowy winter or summer flowering rush in the Italian capital, millions of wishing to see world-class attractions, inhale the aroma of history and see the traces of ancient civilizations.

The most significant places in the city are located in thethe immediate vicinity and within walking distance. But the transport in Rome may need a tourist to get to the hotel or to go sightseeing, located near the city.

Buy metrebus

It is called a ticket, which can be usedon the subway or ground public transport. The validity of the ticket - 75 minutes - lets get to the next place or landmark architectural masterpiece. It is best to travel by tram or bus, because of the abundance of historic monuments laid metro away from the center. However, the subway is convenient to the Vatican or the Colosseum.

Bus Rome resembles a taxi, a person mustvote, the driver stopped. Joy for tourists - night bus lines, very easy to find buses in the image of the owl on the cabin, and tickets can be purchased on the spot.

Taxis Chief!

Italian taxis licensed toright to transportation, painted in white or yellow, so it is very easy to calculate them on the streets. Call a taxi by phone will cost more than similar vehicles on a special parking lot as well as order service is paid additionally. With Italian drivers should keep an eye on, make payments strictly by the meter (plus tip optional).

Bus tour

Of course, Rome was not behind otherEuropean tourist centers and is ready every day to provide an opportunity to get acquainted with the city in special buses. Since the Italian capital has many attractions that it is impossible to overtake the day, there are several different routes. Huge panoramic windows, an open second floor allow the adult and the young tourist to see the city in all its glory.

You can stay at any of interesteda place to learn to walk, eat and continue the journey on the next tour bus. Knowing the Italian mentality, the tourist must be prepared for the fact that the bus did not stop at the other side of the street, the route changed because of the demonstrations or street festivals, some significant places somehow forgotten by the driver. All this is minor compared with the impressions that present meeting with the "Eternal City".


  • Transport in Rome
  • Transport in Rome
  • Transport in Rome

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