Holidays in Rome - photo. Summer holidays in Rome (Italy) 2015

Holidays in Rome

Holidays in Rome

Holidays in Rome - a great opportunityeat Italian food, visit the grandiose sales (in January and August of discounts up to 70%), see unique monuments of architecture and history.

The main types of holiday in Rome

  • Sightseeing: the excursions you will be offered to visit Capitol Hill, walk around the Piazza Navona, throw a coin in the Trevi Fountain, explore the Colosseum, the Pantheon, the Arc de Triomphe Titus, the church of Santa Maria Maggiore, the Borghese villa, angel sculpture on San Angelo bridge, the Palazzo Nuovo and Palazzo dei Conservatori, the church of Trinita dei Monti, visit the Roman forum, a trip to the ruins of the temple of Vesta ... For those wishing to organize tours of the Roman catacombs (included advisable to take warm clothes) - labyrinth, accompanied by an experienced guide.
  • Active: Anyone can have fun in the nightclubs of "Gilda", "Alien", "Escopazzo", "RadioLondra", go for a ride on a bicycle or Segway, spend time in the water parks "Hydromania" (guests will be delighted water slides, black holes, a tornado, a swimming pool with waves, tsunami, spa pool, fitness exercises in the water) and "AquaFelix" (features - water attractions, green areas and playgrounds), amusement parks "ZooMarine" (here you can ride on a roller coaster, jump into the pool tower, to see the dolphin show) and "EdenPark" (kids here can play in the game room, ride boats in a special pool or on machines on the children's circuit), the Rome zoo.
  • Event: lovers of holidays be sure to go to the Roman Carnival (February), the Rome Marathon (30 March), Spring Festival "Festa della Primavera" (March-April), the concert "Concerto di Primo Maggio" (1 May), Summer Opera Festival (June) , Music and dance festival "Roma-Europe" (September).

Prices for tours in Rome

To visit the capital of Italy it is advisable tohighlight the spring and autumn months. When planning a trip to Rome, it is worth considering that the increase in prices for tours is typical for the April-May and September-October, as well as for the period of Christmas and New Year holidays. Few can save the summer, when in Rome gets very hot (not created very favorable conditions for lovers of excursions), and in mid-November - mid-December.

On a note!

To save and view allthe city's attractions, it makes sense to get a tourist card RomaPass (its owners to send sms or e-mails, from which you can learn about the ongoing cultural events in the city).

Tourists should be aware that many shops and government offices are closed for a fairly long break, lasting from 13:00 to 16:00.

To take a taxi, it is necessary to call on the phone or go to a special parking area.

Mementos from Rome could beporcelain and crystal products, exclusive clothes, shoes and accessories, knitted bags and leather goods, garlands and decorations for the home of hot pepper, candles and incense, Italian wines.

Photos stay in Rome

  • Holidays in Rome
  • Holidays in Rome
  • Holidays in Rome

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