Taxi in Venice - price, order. How much is a taxi in Venice

Taxi in Venice

Taxi in Venice

Taxi in Venice is not very popular, but it is convenient to get to the mainland suburbs and to Marco Polo Airport.

Taxi services in Venice

If you want to you have submitted the machine,refer, for example, in "Radio Taxi Venezia e Mestre" (contact phone: 041 59 64). The park of the company is about 120 vehicles equipped with air conditioning: among them are vans that can accommodate up to 8 passengers, as well as machines adapted for disabled people transportation.

You can contact the taxi company "Venice Airport Service" Optionally: + 39 3351 727 020 (here are willing to provide services to customers cars, buses and vans).

Water taxi in Venice

As a city built on water, Veniceconvenient to travel by water transport. Thus, for example, by water taxi, you can ride on the canals of Venice, and it can act as a shuttle from the airport to the hotel, where you stop for a rest, and in the opposite direction. In addition, a water taxi can take a sightseeing trip to Murano and Burano.

All this is very attractive, which is notabout the price: trip by water taxi cost about 55-90 euros. In addition, at night (22: 00-07: 00) on the trip will cost 10 euros more expensive. Parking of a taxi, you will find around the Rialto Bridge and Piazza San Marco.

Provision of water taxi services are engaged in suchCompanies like Venice Water Taxi (+ 30 0415 220 040), Cooperativa Taxi Serenissima (+ 39 0415 221 265), Consorzio Motoscafi Venezia (in its possession there are 100 boat-taxi, and contact the service by phone: + 39 0415 222 303). If desired, you can order a water limousine on + 39 0415 019 442.

The cost of a taxi in Venice

Find out how much is a taxi in Venice, will acquaintance with the following information:

  • landing you will be asked to pay 3.2 (afternoon) - 6.4 (night) euros;
  • the cost of 1 km is surmounted € 1.60 (when you move to a distance of over 50 km, 1 km will be calculated on the price of 2 euros);
  • of baggage to do a supplement of 1 euro.

On average, the trip from the airport to Piazzale Roma costs 30 euros, and a water taxi - 90-100 euros. In any case, the approximate fare should be clarified before the departure of the road.

In Venice you can travel on foot, onvaporetto (water bus), taxis and water taxis, as well as a ride on a gondola (40-minute gondola ride costs about 90 euros and does not depend on the number of passengers, ie this amount is divided by the passengers, and they should not be more than 6 people).

Photo Taxi in Venice

  • Taxi in Venice
  • Taxi in Venice
  • Taxi in Venice

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