Excursions in Venice. Sightseeing tours in Venice

Excursions in Venice

Excursions in Venice

It has long been known that the most romantic placeon the ground is Venice - a beautiful city in northern Italy. It is located on the water and connected through bridges and canals. His palaces never rebuilt, and have their original appearance to this day.

Excursions in Venice ordered toexplore the famous city. A particularly large number of tourists visiting the city for the duration of the famous Venice Carnival. Venice attracts its magnificent sights, art exhibitions and holding various festivals. The city is full of mysterious and interesting places.

Sightseeing tours in Venice allowcontemplate a wonderful view of the city from the surrounding islands, to look into the window of a secret apartment, where long ago hid Casanova, see magnificent palaces, the walls that hold the secrets of their respective owners, and simple living quarters with them citizens.

Acquaintance with the city on the water

Plunged into the atmosphere of this magical city,You will want to take a walk through the channels on the small bridge, swim in a gondola or waterbus to visit the opera or even a thousand things to do, to get an unforgettable experience!

But ignore the historical Venetian places can not be. These include:

  • Piazza San Marco - the main citySight. St. Mark's Basilica with five domes - great decoration area. It also has two columns of Mark and Theodore, long ago brought from the crusade. In the west of the square stands the old mint - Dzekka. Near the cathedral stands the clock tower, which reads - "counting down the only happy hours." On the roof of the tower is a statue of a lion.
  • Cathedral of San Marco has long beenthe main spiritual center of the city, there are the relics of St. Mark. At the cathedral mosaics depict various biblical scenes. The Golden Temple is the altar, decorated with precious stones and articles of gold.
  • Bridge of Sighs - Bridge over the Palace Baroque channel. The decor of white marble makes it incredibly easy and elegant in appearance.
  • Rialto Bridge - Grand Canal connects the shoreVenice, and among all the bridges - the most visited. Initially, most of the bridges were made of wood, but because of frequent fires began to build stone structures. A large number of tourists is due to an abundance of shops, souvenir and jewelery shops, located right on the bridge.

Also worth visiting the Academy Gallery, which displays the works of outstanding artists of Venice in 24 large halls.

Venice is one of those cities that you must visit at least once in your life!

Photo tours in Venice

  • Excursions in Venice
  • Excursions in Venice
  • Excursions in Venice

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