How to fly from Verona to Moscow? Time of flight Verona - Moscow

How to fly from Verona to Moscow?

How to fly from Verona to Moscow?

On vacation in Verona, you could go up tobalcony in the house of Juliet, to see the Palazzo Maffei, to listen to the opera in Verona Arena, a ride on the many attractions in the amusement park "Gardaland" and the water entertainment park "Caneva World", to visit the museum of Castelvecchio, have a picnic and take a walk in the park waterfalls Parco delle Cascate di Molina, come off at the disco in a nightclub "Alter Ago" or "Berfi's Club"? But soon you will fly back home?

How to fly from Verona to Moscow (direct flight)?

From Verona to fly 3.5 hours in Moscow (city removed 2,100 km). So, "S7" delivers its passengers in "Domodedovo" in 3 hours 35 minutes.

Learn about the cost of the ticket Verona to Moscowcan be turned to the employee sales offices: he will tell you the approximate price - 15,100 rubles (who went shopping at the end of spring, can save - this time the tickets are sold at 5,200 rubles).

Connection Flight Verona to Moscow

Popular cities are joining Chisinau,Naples, Cologne, Olbia, Manchester or other (because of this you will spend on the road from 5 to 19 hours). "Meridian Fly" is a flight route taking into account the connections to Olbia and Milan (in the air would have to spend 5.5 hours and standby - 4.5 hours), Olbia and Rome (in "Sheremetyevo" tourists dovezut for 9 hours, including in anticipation they would spend 3 hours) and Chisinau (the journey lasts 7 hours and the flight itself - 4.5 hours); "Lufthansa" - in Frankfurt am Main (you'll land in "Domodedovo" in 5 hours, and between flights, you will have less than 1 hour) or Munich (on board the aircraft you are going to stay more than 4 hours, and between flights, you will 2:00), "Iberia" - in Barcelona (all the way to last 14 hours, of which you will spend on the dock 7 hours).

Choose a carrier

In Moscow, you will be able to fly with the following air carriers on the Embraer 737-900. Airbus A 32S, Embraer 170 and other planes: "Alitalia"; "Meridian Fly"; "S7 Airlines"; "Transavia Airlines".

From Verona to Moscow fly planes from the airportVerona-Villafranca (VRN) - it is removed from the town 12 km. Airport infrastructure is represented by Wi-Fi zone, cafes and restaurants, shops (lovers of shopping and fashion should look to the "Carrera Jeans" and "Camomilla"), zones for smoking, first-aid post, a photo studio "Fotosmile", a kiosk with fresh media and well-known authors of books .

Things to do in flight?

The plane is to decide to whom to handsouvenirs purchased in Verona, in the form of masks made of papier-mâché, plaster, clay, leather, glassware, macaroon "Amarettini", almond liquor "Amaretto Disaronno", statues of Romeo and Juliet, postcards with views of the city, coffee, colorful pasta pots of terracotta, Italian wines.


  • How to fly from Verona to Moscow?
  • How to fly from Verona to Moscow?
  • How to fly from Verona to Moscow?

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