Beaches Sorrento photos. The best sandy beaches in Sorrento (Italy)

Beaches in Sorrento

Beaches in Sorrento

The ancient Greeks here once the city was foundedSireon, ie the land of the sirens. According to Greek legend, the rock on the coast of the Sorrentine ships often broke because the sailors have been mesmerized by the singing sea of ​​sirens. Many people know the story of the famous "Odyssey". And apparently it's partly true, as the local land gained fame homeland Neapolitan music that conquered the world. This resort is considered one of the most convenient, having a high level and offers a variety of services to the tourist center of Italy. But eternal glory and Sorrento brought celebrity names such as Goethe, Stendhal, Bitter, Wagner, Nietzsche, and others. But it was enough to here, the Sorrento beaches, tourists from around the world came.

Magnificent panorama of the coast of Sorrento, manyIt seems a paradise on Earth. The fragrance of blooming orange and lemon trees, a wonderful aroma of fruit and flowers, the amazing blue sea and the enchanting views of cities scattered along the entire peninsula, cozy coves and small beaches - a real charm of the Italian region of Campania. Famous artists loved to depict the sea near Sorrento on his famous paintings, writers and musicians also visited the coast, looking for inspiration. And now many creative people aspire to the best sandy beaches of Sorrento.

Meta di Sorrento

It is the largest beach in the whole city. On it there are two beach areas - Marina di Alimuri, covered with sand, and Piaggio di Meta, covered with pebbles. Since starting in mid-June to mid-September, this beach is practically overflowing with holiday-makers, then, to take the most comfortable place and become the owner of a good pay umbrella, it is recommended to come in the early hours.

Beach Yeranto

This beach is not in the city and in neighboringThese village Yeranto. This title is more of Greek origin, although Latinized. Derived from the word "yeraks", which means "predator". In spite of such a formidable name Beach neighborhood extraordinarily beautiful.

Marina di Cassano

This place is also incredibly picturesque. Next to it there are hotels, which can be good, with the comfort, settle.

Beach Pignatelli

There is also a stunning natural views, wonderful pine growing on rocks. And vsё1 is adjacent to the well thought-out infrastructure.

Marinella S. Agnello

A very popular beach, and also with good infrastructure.

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  • Beaches in Sorrento
  • Beaches in Sorrento

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