Diving in Italy - dive sites, photos

Diving in Italy

Diving in Italy

Italy gives its guests an excellent shopping, beach and other amenities. But do not forget that the "boot" is washed by five seas, so diving in Italy has its own charms.


In this part of Italy should pay attention toPortofino promontory. There simply magnificent dive sites. Main place of their concentration - Mountain Il Monte. Here you will meet the colorful inhabitants of the deep sea eels, lobsters, octopus, jellyfish and gardens transparent red fans.

Another good dive site Ligurian Sea -waters of the Island of Elba. It is particularly popular is the site of Punta de Fetovaia. The local sploshnyakom bottom covered with pebbles, which does not allow the bottom slurry to rise, so the visibility is excellent, up to 20 meters.

Pontian archipelago

Here are the main place to dive isCirceo National Park. Diving here is particularly interesting, because you really like the study of a labyrinth of tunnels that were created artificially for the purpose of breeding fish. In addition, the island served as a refuge for pirates, so it is not excluded interesting findings.

Mediterranean Sea

The dive sites are located in the waters of the Aeolianislands, divers will enjoy the numerous underwater caves that have been created eruptions of underwater volcanoes. And now they have become a refuge for many fish, affecting their incredibly bright colors. Similar underwater landscapes can be seen, down to the bottom near the Amalfi peninsula.

Aeolian Islands will be interesting and amateur diving rivers. Here you can see the remains of many ships departed to the bottom.


There is excellent diving rivers. Numerous court, which can be found, dating back to different epochs. Of course, make up the bulk of the river both times of war, but the remains of some of the boats belong to the days of Roman rule. Of particular note the sites, located in Syracuse, Lampedusa, antennae and Taormina. So Syracuse site will be interesting for beginners and professionals dive. Visibility in these waters is excellent - 40 meters. The main underwater fun - cave. From the marine life you will meet moray eels, stingrays and barracudas.

Lake Italy

Visibility here, of course, is much lower than insea, but do not become less interesting from this dive. In particular, the Garda Lake, located at the north of the country, tourists are interested not only as a place for a nice holiday, but also an opportunity to explore its bottom.


  • Diving in Italy
  • Diving in Italy
  • Diving in Italy

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