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Education in Italy

Education in Italy

Italy - a highly developed European country, and get an education here is considered very prestigious thing. The benefits of education in Italy:

  • The ability to get the most modern and high-quality education;
  • The ability to master the most popular specialty (design and fashion, architecture, medicine, law);
  • Reasonable tuition fees (the Russians can learn for free and receive a scholarship, but only in public universities).

Higher education in Italy

To enroll in a higher education institution in Italy, you must have a certificate of graduation from high school I studied for 1-2 years in a Russian university.
Enrollment is conducted after passing the entrance exams and pass the test of Italian language.

Before you send a request for admission toItalian university, it is advisable to learn the Italian language at home or enroll in Italian courses with language immersion (these courses have for all universities).

classes are conducted in public schools in the Italian language, and in private universities have the opportunity to study in English.

Note: entering the private university students there is no need to take the entrance exams.

Special universities for foreigners

Perugia and Siena have specialUniversity for Foreigners (Universita per Stranieri): enroll here, even those who have absolutely no knowledge of Italian language. In these institutions to the development of a university course, students undergo an intensive language training course (6 times a week for 8 hours a day). After graduating from a university, you can become, for example, a teacher of Italian language and literature.

Those who are interested in such specialties as thepainting, sculpture and design, it is worth to go to the Italian Academy of Fine Arts (4 years). To enroll in this academy will have to pass an entrance exam and participate in the contest.

Those who want to connect my life with medicine, it is better to enter the University of Salerno, with the right - in the University of Bologna, with the design - the European Institute in Milan.

Working while studying

While studying at the university, students can find jobs, but employment should be a maximum of 25 hours per week.

Get educated in Italy - to get a ticket to a happy European life!

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  • Education in Italy
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