Resorts of Italy: photos, description

Resorts Italy

Resorts Italy

Italians tend to group beachRegion Riviera. Ligurian and Venetian, Neapolitan and Roman, the Adriatic and the region of Lazio - the list of places for a quality beach holiday in the Apennine peninsula is endless. Choosing the best resort in Italy, you should pay attention to the Riviera Lazio, stretching for more than a hundred kilometers along the Tyrrhenian Sea.

About the weather, and other subtleties

The climate in this area is soconducive to rest, swimming and sunbathing, which is crowded coastal strip from May to late autumn. The popular resort of Italy, Lazio region is particularly comfortable, with plenty of luxury hotels, good traditions of haute cuisine, convenient and varied shopping.
On the Riviera Lazio there are so many resorts, towns and lovely corners of the beautiful nature. Her landscapes - a striped white and golden sand, gently sloping sand dunes and pine forests.

Always in the TOP

On the Riviera Lazio can relax in several lovely towns:

  • Ostia - the most popular, close to Rome, but because - noisy, crowded and does not have a view of the world, but offering a drive.
  • Anzio - hidden among the sand dunes, which gives the possibility of solitude and relaxation.
  • Circe - spread out in a national park and famous for its impeccable views of the Pontine Islands.
  • Gaia di Luna - located on an island which can be reached through a tunnel that has been preserved from ancient times.
  • Terracina - known in the Roman Empire, today is a favorite vacation spot for Italians. Noisy neighborhood and the colorful guests are provided!
  • Sperlonga - quiet and calm the favorite of the emperor Tiberius, its waters stored in his secret grotto.
  • Gaeta - as a perch sitting on a narrow promontory, so if hovering over the sea, with rocky beaches and olive groves.

For active and athletic

List of resorts in Italy are not limited tobeaches. Special attention in this country is focused and in winter, when on holiday in the Dolomites rush fans of skiing and snowboarding.
Sports Mecca in Italy - is Alta Valtellina. Uniting several ski resorts in Italy, the region is characterized by a modern infrastructure, perfectly groomed slopes and descents presence of any degree of complexity.
In Bormio and Livigno, Valdidentro and Santa Caterina, you can rent equipment, use the services of English-speaking instructors and plenty to admire the magnificent alpine scenery.


  • Resorts Italy
  • Resorts Italy
  • Resorts Italy

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