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Tours in Turin

Tours in Turin

The emblem of Turin depicts a bull,bringing good luck and wealth to the city. They are so firmly believe in it, they are trying to step on the stylized images of animals on city streets, when run on a job or a date. A booking of tours in Turin those who are in love with Italy and believes that it collected the best examples of Baroque architecture, Rococo and even modern. And the capital of Piedmont - the birthplace of many who participated in the liberation movement for the unification of the country, but because the city is called the cradle of freedom.

From the time of Augustus

Turin appeared on the map of the Roman Empire in 28BC. as a military camp, and in the Middle Ages represented as the residence of the influential Counts family. At the beginning of the XV century, the University of Turin appears within its walls, and in the XIX century the city assumes the role of honorary united capital of the country.
Today, the capital of the province of Piedmont - the secondlargest industrial city of Italy and an important transport hub, and tours in Turin is very popular with travelers who are not indifferent to European history and culture.

Briefly about the importance

  • Fly to Turin from Moscow with a connection can benot only in Rome, but in all European capitals. The airport is located just 15 kilometers from the city and reach the center will help the taxi, electric trains or buses. Public transport tickets are purchased at special booths at bus stops.
  • For fans of shopping tours in Turin - idealthe opportunity to buy the best of everything without too much crowd in Rome or Milan. Outlets taken out to the suburbs, and to get there the easiest way to trains.
  • Weather in the city even in winter favorstravelers and 5 January at the height allows you to make long walks. In summer it is hot and the thermometer often go beyond the limit of 30, and therefore the best time to travel to Turin - spring or mid-autumn.
  • The main relic of the city to see the famous Turin Shroud is likely to fail. It is rarely put on public display, because of the particular values ​​and venerable age.
  • A great way to not stand out too much beyondbudget in an attempt to explore all the local attractions - the purchase of a tourist card. It is called here "Turin + Piedmont" and gives unlimited access to all museums. The price depends on the number of days spent on the tour in Turin, and sold the card to travel agencies and information kiosks.


  • Tours in Turin
  • Tours in Turin

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