Holidays in Italy in November: prices and weather. Where to rest in Italy in November

Holidays in Italy in November

Holidays in Italy in November

Italy is beautiful any time of year. But in November it provides the ideal setting for a more intimate acquaintance with the country. First, significantly reduced prices on vacation. Second, the reduced flow of tourists that can not fail to please fans of quiet, relax.


In Italy, as in other countries of the Mediterranean, the beach season comes to an end. Water cools down to + 18C, swim only the most seasoned travelers. On the northern resorts of the sea water is even colder.

The air temperature warms up to + 20 ° C toSicily, in Rome, she only reaches + 17C. But for many hours exploring the capital or other cities of the state such wonderful weather is just perfect, can not be said about the debilitating heat of summer. And tanning at this time is much more useful than the height of summer. If you walk around the city will have to make at night, without a warm jacket can not do, because the thermometer drops to 13 C, and in some areas up to + 5C. With an always should be an umbrella, because rain in Italy in November go almost every day. But the short-term.


Do not think that just a beach holiday in ItalyNovember is not possible, then there is nothing to do here. Attractions here so much that love is not enough for a year with them. A few days, which will be able to devote the rest will be very busy.

In Italy, there are not only historical monuments,but also natural. Lakes, mountains, islands, valleys - all in November, looks fabulous. And even the fine autumn rain will not become an obstacle for true connoisseurs.

Kitchen, holidays, festivals

A stay in Italy and does not know the culinary delightslocal chefs simply inexcusable. Indeed, in this case, we can dispel the myth that only Italians eat pasta. Cuisine here is very diverse, rich in seafood. In different cities are food festivals. In the northern parts of the country in the midst of truffle collecting season. In San Miniato in each of the weekend festival passes dishes of these fungi. Not only can you taste any of them, but also to participate in master classes with top chefs in preparation of food.

One of the most famous events of November - All Saints' Day. On this day, the solemn liturgy and costumed processions.

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  • Holidays in Italy in November
  • Holidays in Italy in November

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