Coat of arms of Jamaica: photos, value, description,

Jamaica Coat of Arms

Jamaica Coat of Arms

This coat of arms is a heraldic sign and JamaicaIt was inherited from the British. Once in 1661 the coat of arms of Jamaica was granted a Royal Warrant to the State of Great Britain. I wonder what his project was developed spiritual person - at that time Archbishop of Canterbury Senkroftom.

Brief description of the coat of arms

  • Crest emblem is in the form Razorscale crocodile, which stands on the balance beam.
  • The helmet is similar to the traditional figure of the possessions that once were under the possession of the British crown.
  • For supporters posted figures of indigenous inhabitants of the island of Jamaica.
  • The coat of arms has a motto - "Out of many - one people."
  • It is a little out of the coats of arms designed priest - Archbishop.

Coat of arms of the island nation changedseveral times until it was approved by the modern variant. Sometimes the previous versions of the coat of arms had significant differences from the image that we know today.

What do the symbols of the coat of arms

Stamp On board there is a picture of redcross on a white background. This cross of St. George. He has taken from the former British flank. This character - a reminder of the fact that Jamaica has a long connection with the British Crown. Even today, this country is the dominion of Great Britain.

The shield also placed pineapples. Although they have never played and now play a significant role in the economy, but they are the symbol of valuable tropical vegetation. They also indicate the developed agriculture of Jamaica.

The shield is supported image indigenous AboriginesJamaica. It reminds us of the tragic page in the history of the country, as Indians were exterminated by the Spanish conquerors. In their place, the British brought blacks and turned them into slaves. So it is also a reminder of the current once the slave system on the island. Indian woman holding a bow and a fruit basket. It symbolizes the traditional occupations of the local population.

American crocodile symbolizesnot numerous fauna of Jamaica, and the log - flora. Complementing this track helmet above the shield. The motto of the coat of arms is written in English. It shows the desire of the people inhabiting the island, to the unity and cohesion, since among them representatives of many ethnic and racial groups.

There is also a simplified version of the coat of arms. It is a shield that is surrounded by national flags, as it has a ribbon with the motto.


  • Jamaica Coat of Arms

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