Resorts in Jamaica: photos, description

Jamaica Resorts

Jamaica Resorts

Jamaican rum was once the most populardrink by the gentlemen of fortune, plowing the waters of the Caribbean Sea. Pirates chose Jamaica, among other islands in the region for the warm climate, an abundance of secluded bays and the ability to enjoy life in the intervals between the main job. No less delight cause Jamaican resorts have today's travelers arriving on the blessed island of sunburn and its positive portion. The latter is not denied to anyone, because the legacy of Bob Marley and the eternal Mañana locals and contribute to the complete relaxation of "reggae" in the shower.

Are you still in doubt?

For fans of the Caribbean there is a single minus sign in the list of "for" or "against" holiday in Jamaica:

  • Long flight? Joining one of the best airports in the world will make it possible not only to stretch his legs, but also enjoy great shopping in the duty free shops.
  • Not too humane prices on air tickets? Instead, rum, cigars and fresh exotic fruits are available to anyone, and in large quantities.
  • Dangers zazevavshegosya citytourist? Hotels on Jamaica's resorts are so self-sufficient that it is not necessary to leave the territory of the Resort in the search for necessary items or entertainment. However, the rules of conduct on the island did not differ from those in other tourist spots, and care will not interfere even in the most civilized European city.
  • Tropical heat in the winter and summer? But allow sea breezes to endure high temperatures with relative ease, and the night rains during the rainy season bring refreshing coolness and reduced prices for hotels, compared to the "high" season.

Always in the TOP

Without a doubt, the most popular resort in Jamaica -This Montego Bay. There is an international airport and hotels for travelers with a variety of requests and material prosperity. On the beaches of Montego Bay full of life. Here, swim and sunbathe, smoke weed and learn windsurfing, playing golf, and immersed in an infinitely beautiful waters of the Caribbean.
The resort of Port Antonio, on the other hand, the days of flowslowly and carefully, and local stars can boast quite a solid thick wallet. The main attractions of the resort - the natural waterfalls and unusually picturesque lagoon, which has become the main protagonist of Hollywood films.
The RENEW Bay was born when the same Marley andif only because this resort in Jamaica is literally doomed to popularity. In its restaurants - the most delicious black beans in Creole and in the program of pleasure natural beauty - tall waterfalls National Park Dunn's River.


  • Jamaica Resorts
  • Jamaica Resorts

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