The capital of Kiribati: map, photo. What is the capital of Kiribati?

South Tarawa - Kiribati capital

South Tarawa - Kiribati capital

Many states and cities of the planet remaina mystery, even for seasoned travelers. Units of living on earth can say that preparing interesting tourist capital of Kiribati, and a tiny state located on Tarawa Atoll in Micronesia, few have heard.

Official data

Information is extremely small, the name of the main townState - South Tarawa, it coincides with the name of the atoll. The number of inhabitants of the capital - just over 50 thousand people. Another, more interesting fact - the capital is located on four islands, Bikenibeu, Betio, Bairiki, Bonriki International Airport. Accordingly, South Tarawa is divided into four municipalities, each has the same name as the island on which it is located.

What and where?

Municipalities do not resemble one another ateach of them has its own, so to speak, specialization. The southernmost - Betio, are located commercial and part of government agencies, the Marine Institute and the main port of Kiribati.

Bonriki International Airport boasts the largest metropolitanhotel (but only 60 people). It is the Ministry of Education and the main national health agency - the National Hospital.

Island Bikenibeu and, accordingly,the municipality of the same name went to the airport and the Ministry of Natural Resources. A major government offices are concentrated in the municipality of Bairiki.

What to do?

Not many tourists choose as a holidayKiribati, as well as its main city - South Tarawa. First, too long and the road can be a road here, and secondly, the atolls are practically no historical and cultural attractions. Third, the tourist industry in the region is taking its first steps and, of course, can not compete with its neighbors, experienced "players" in the market of entertainment services and recreation.

In the evening - nice promenade along the surf line,travel from island to island, inspection of buildings with history, such as the old prison and the residence, which was inhabited by the colonial authorities. Also in the plans of tourists acquainted with dishes of local exotic cuisine, the most popular among them are: the pork with cassava; fish with coconut pulp and curry sauce; unusual fruit desserts.

Well, the most popular holiday - on the coast, ie sea and sunbathing, water attractions, beach activities as scooters and catamarans.


  • South Tarawa - Kiribati capital
  • South Tarawa - Kiribati capital
  • South Tarawa - Kiribati capital

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