Airports Kuwait - list of international airports in Kuwait

Kuwait Airports

Kuwait Airports

A small state on the shores of the PersianBay is bordered with not too comfortable for the tourists Iraq and Saudi Arabia, and therefore the most convenient way to get into the country - the flight from Russia to Kuwait airport. Direct flights to the schedule or Kuwaiti Russian air carriers do not have, but with connections in Europe or the Middle East here can deliver KLM and British Airways planes through Amsterdam and London respectively. The journey time will be about 6 hours excluding dockings.

Kuwait International Airport

The only airport in the country, which has the statusInternational, located 15 km south of Kuwait City. The city where the airport is located, is one of the most dynamic in the Middle East, and because business tourism - a perspective direction of the local economy.
Every year the international airport of Kuwait sends and receives up to 9 million. Passengers, and its landing strip on the specifications can take large aircraft.

A little history

The only airport of Kuwait began to build in1927 as an intermediate base for aircraft en route from Britain to India. The first reconstruction took place here only in 2001, when the new terminal was built airfield expanded, and "Vzletka" modernized and extended. The new terminals to cope with increasing passenger traffic will be built soon at the airport.

Airlines and destinations

Two Air Kuwait harbor terminal receives many flights daily from all over the world:

  • Avypolnyayut Emirates daily flights from Dubai and back.
  • Airports Qatar Airlines connect Qatar and Kuwait.
  • Etihad flies to Abu Dhabi.
  • FlyDudai - the only carrier whose side land at the new terminal of the Sheikh Saad said.
  • Pegasus Airlines carries passengers from Istanbul.
  • Turkish Airlines serves destinations except Istanbul Antalya, Bursa and Adana.
  • KLM is responsible for the Dutch vector.
  • British Airways provides passenger shipping in the UK and across London.
  • Lufthansa - carrier, the wings of which can be in Kuwait with a connection in Frankfurt.

In addition, the airport landing field side of the Iranian, Pakistani, Iraqi, Oman, Lebanon and airlines Air India.
While waiting for departure, passengers can have a snack in the cafe, do some shopping in the area Duty Free, currency exchange, send mail, send religious needs and take the children in the playroom.

Transfer to the city

To get from the passenger terminal to the capitalYou can take a taxi or public transport. Bus N501 every 45 minutes to be in the center of the city, and his work schedule - from 6.00 to 23.00. Taxis are the easiest way to book at a special counter in the arrivals area. There are offices for car rental. Another way to reach the capital - to take advantage of the delivery service chosen hotel.
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  • Kuwait Airports
  • Kuwait Airports
  • Kuwait Airports

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