Prices in Kuwait - products, souvenirs, transportation. How much money to take to Kuwait

Prices in Kuwait

Prices in Kuwait

Prices are quite high in Kuwait: milk worth $ 2.5 / 1 liter, apple - 2.7 $ / 1 kg, eggs - 1.7 $ / pc 12, and lunch in a cheap cafe will cost you $ 13..

Shopping and souvenirs

The local shopping malls and traditional street markets you can make a wide variety of shopping - from culinary to brand Prada handbags and jewelry.

Be sure to visit a large shoppingCenter The Avenues - under its rooftop jewelry shops, designer boutiques, international cuisine restaurants. To visit all the stores of the shopping center, you can spend a single day. No less popular shopping centers of the country are Marina Mall, Villa Moda, Souq Sharq. Visit the Souk market, Al Mubarak - then you can get traditional goods produced in the Middle East and Kuwait, including those made of gold.

What to bring to the memory of the holiday in Kuwait?

  • clothes of famous brands, jewelry,coffee pots, carpets of wool, aromatic oils, a miniature copy of the wooden ship Al Hashemi II, figurines depicting an eagle (symbol of the country), the clothes of the desert - the Bedouins (cloak-tent, a traditional scarf);
  • sweets, spices.

In Kuwait, you can buy aromatic oils from $ 15, carpet - from $ 100, jewelry - from 40 $, spices - from $ 2.

Excursions and Entertainment

In the survey by Kuwait tour you will visitTareq Rajab Museum (here you will see examples of Islamic calligraphy, vintage jewelry, pottery and weapons) and the Museum of Kuwait, inspect the Old and New Palaces Seif, the main mosque, the building of the National Assembly. As part of the tour you will be taken to the fish market, and at the request of and in a huge shopping center Sharq. If this 6-hour tour will be present only 2 persons, then it will cost $ 170 for 1 person.

As the most important industry of the country isoil production, then get acquainted with the history of the oil era Kuwait you can on trips in the Oil Museum (located 30 km from the city center). The approximate cost of a 4-hour tour for a group of 2 people - $ 150 for 1 person.

A zoo for visiting Kuwait, you will pay about $ 8-10.


1 trip by public transport(Comfortable air-conditioned bus) you will pay about $ 1-1.5. If you decide to travel by taxi, landing you pay $ 1-1,3 + $ 1.2 / 1 km. So, the trip from the airport to the center of Kuwait City will cost you $ 20.

The main item of expenditure on holiday in Kuwaitwill be living expenses, so your daily minimum cost is $ 55. But for a more comfortable stay, you will need $ 100 per night for 1 person.


  • Prices in Kuwait
  • Prices in Kuwait
  • Prices in Kuwait

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