Kyrgyzstan Holidays - tradition. Kyrgyz National holidays

Holidays Kyrgyzstan

Holidays Kyrgyzstan

Many Kyrgyz holidays coincide with thoseIt is celebrated in Russia. It is surprising that in a country where most of the population is Muslim, Christmas is considered to be a public holiday. Here organize festivals, horseback riding. In the temples, which are located on the territory of Kyrgyzstan, are worship, dedicated to Christmas. At the same time respected and festive holiday menu. For example, prepare for sochivo orthodox recipes.

In Kyrgyzstan, with trepidation relate to the stories. Perhaps there is no country, which was formed as a result of the collapse of the Soviet Union, which would be celebrated the anniversary of the October Revolution. Here November 7 held rallies and demonstrations, with the laying flowers to the monument of Lenin.

Traditional celebration in Kyrgyzstan

But there are holidays in Kyrgyzstan, which arenational. As in most Muslim countries are marked Nooruz. It takes place in the spring equinox. According to ancient belief, it is believed that it is the nature of updated today. Previously, there was a tradition that the boys, who were born on this day was called Noorzubay and girls - Nooruz. There is also a sign that if March 21 the snow falls, it is good. folk festivals, competitions are held on this day. In addition, it is accepted to treat all pilaf.

The festival of birds of prey

One of the most popular in Kyrgyzstan is consideredThe festival of birds of prey. Eagles and hawks have long enjoyed great popularity among local hunters. It was therefore decided to catch the young birds to raise and train. They are indispensable helpers in the hunt.

Once these birds of prey helped feedsmall villages. That is why in a country with great reverence are golden eagles and hawks. Very often winged predators were considered full-fledged family members. There still are people who are engaged in training the birds. It is an art, so such people are treated with special reverence.

felt Festival

In many parts of Kyrgyzstan preserved customs,are respected for many generations. Since Felt festival reflects the whole culture, the richness of nature and historical events. Do not forget that the traditional Kyrgyz dwelling made of felt, felt so here produce a very high quality. Production of the material is a traditional craft in Kyrgyzstan.

Equestrian games

Kyrgyz from time immemorial led a nomadic life,therefore it is especially prized horses and hunting dogs. Valued not only the ride quality horses, they were the main helpers in the traditional Kyrgyz life.

In some areas of the country part of the population stillthen lead a semi-nomadic life and man perfectly mastered the art of riding. Here there are a large number of national equestrian games that allow the participants to demonstrate their agility and reaction.


  • Holidays Kyrgyzstan
  • Holidays Kyrgyzstan
  • Holidays Kyrgyzstan

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