The best restaurant in Riga - photos, prices

The best restaurants in Riga

The best restaurants in Riga

The main city of Latvia is considered to be one of thethe most beautiful and oldest in the Baltics. Many tourists are willing to give it a grand title gastronomic capital. Proof of this are the best restaurants in Riga, fashion and exquisite, affordable and expensive, modern or ancient history flair.

The most popular among the guests of Riga are the onesinstitutions, which are, of course, in the old town or in the immediate vicinity. Tired of cultural experiences travelers happy to begin to get acquainted with the tastes and predilections of Latvians. Riga restaurants are ready to present the diversity of national recipes and exciting international cuisine.

Quick and tasty

The most famous chain of restaurants in Latviafast food - Lido. Such places can be seen in various parts of Riga, including the Old Town. Always a lot of people, tourists and locals in Vermanitis, the restaurant, which is located at the Vērmanes garden. There its Lido and in the Old City and in large shopping centers.

The peculiarity of such institutions - the lack ofwaiters opportunity to the visitor to determine the volume of a portion of salad or fish, he can eat. Tourists obviously count their forces, because can choose from a huge number of dishes, ranging from simple snacks, delicious fish and meat specialties, and ending with gorgeous dairy desserts.

East - West

There are restaurants in Riga, which showsexotic cuisine of individual countries. Where you can spend a relaxing evening with your favorite partner, family, friends or colleagues. For example, chain restaurants specializing in dishes from the country of the Rising Sun, including:

  • TokioCity, a wonderful reminder of the distant capital;
  • GanBei, occupied the almost all the major shopping centers;
  • Kabuki, the institution with the most authentic Japanese food and not the theatrical prop.

In such a cozy place offering not only become popular sushi and rolls, but also more exotic dishes with a very strange name for a European ear.

Capital hipsters

In Riga, as in any other European city,You can find a variety of dining options, different or distinctive bohemian atmosphere, creative approach to interior design. For example, Istada, where on the first floor exhibit and sell their works of contemporary Latvian artists, and on the second floor, the so-called buffet, you can taste the gastronomic creations of the Martins Sirmais, fashionable Riga chefs.

Any tourist in Riga, except for the amazing beauty of the cathedrals, churches and architectural structures, monuments of culture and art will find many places where you can not only satisfy the spiritual hunger.


  • The best restaurants in Riga
  • The best restaurants in Riga
  • The best restaurants in Riga

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