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Christmas in Riga

Christmas in Riga

Resting on Christmas in Riga, you can admire the city's decorations in the form of illuminated illuminated squares, bridges and shop windows, as well as to visit the Christmas markets.

Features of the celebration of Christmas in Riga

Latvians are preparing for Christmas 4 weeks beforeholiday, the main decoration of which is the Advent wreath: woven from fir branches and stems of plants, it is decorated with the help of cones, nuts, dried flowers, colorful ribbons and candles 4 (weekly lit one). The long-awaited day to exchange gifts and good wishes, as well as for the Catholics in the post Christmas ends, after the service, they rush the whole family at the table.

On Christmas table always Latvianspresent gray peas with smoked (as peas symbolize tears, all you need to eat the dish, to the next year to live without tears), pickled cabbage with ribs and dessert gingerbread. If you decide to spend Christmas Eve at Riga food restaurants, take care of booking a table in advance (there are waiting for you, not only the Latvian holiday dishes, but also entertainment programs).

Entertainment and celebrations in Riga

  • 17-30 December is recommended to visit the "Jarmarka" - exhibition and sale of original works by students of the Latvian Academy of Art (range of products is changing almost daily).
  • With children on Christmas vacation worthvisit Riga Zoo (they will be able to see performances with trained cows, white lions, exotic animals), the Russian theater Chekhov and "New Adventures" in the "dream theater".
  • To listen to Christmas music, you can head to St. Peter's Church.
  • From late November to early February Riga offerstake part in the celebration of the Winter Music Festival "Winterfest" (he pleases visitors a series of concerts dedicated to the December Christmas and in February - the birthday of Herman Braun Foundation), and from early December until early January - visit the festival "Path of Christmas trees" ( You can see from the window tree, metal, paper, bricks and wooden beams - a special route) developed for their inspection.

Christmas Markets in Riga

From late November to late December at the DomeSquare operates Riga Christmas Market. At this time, the area is set fir, tents with Christmas specialties (including sweets) and souvenirs in the form of Christmas decorations, crafts craftsmen, mittens and socks from sheep's wool, utensils, clothes, and yet there are regularly held musical themed events and arranged all sorts of entertainment for younger guests.

Other Christmas markets can be found atEsplanade (here permanently arranged in an interesting, for example, in 2012 it housed the "Kingdom of rabbits" - a makeshift town with castles, houses, bridges, ladders, the main of which were rabbits inhabitants) and the area Līvu (immediately exhibited the work of artists and artisans, which can be purchase).


  • Christmas in Riga
  • Christmas in Riga
  • Christmas in Riga

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