How to fly from Riga to Moscow? Time of flight Riga - Moscow

How to fly from Riga to Moscow?

How to fly from Riga to Moscow?

In Riga, you could admire the Duomo,residence of Peter I and the Riga Castle, stand on the observation deck of St. Peter's Church, see the interesting exhibits at the Museum of Space Exploration and the Museum of porcelain, have some fun in the nightclub "Casablanca" and "Big Point", visit art studios in Andrejsala area to spend time in the entertainment complex "Go Planet" and the amusement park "Ramkalni", as well as to experience an unforgettable experience when flying wind tunnel "Aerodium"? And now you are going to go back to Moscow?

How to fly from Riga to Moscow (direct flight)?

As the capital of Latvia and Moscow shared 850km, then fly to the house you will be able to 1.5-2 hours. Airliners "on AirBaltic" will overcome this distance in 1 hour 40 minutes, and "Aeroflot" - 1 hour 25 minutes.

If you do not know how much it will cost youFlights from Riga to Moscow, you should target an average cost - 7400 rubles (in May, June and July, you can buy these tickets for 5,800 rubles).

Riga-Moscow flight with transfers

Taking advantage of connecting flights,suggesting a stop in Oslo, Vantaa, Copenhagen, Minsk, your air travel will last from 4 to 22 hours. Return to Moscow will take 4 hours if your flight will be carried out through Minsk ( "Belavia"), 21 hours 30 minutes - via Stockholm and Oslo ( "Sas"), 9:00 - through Kaliningrad ( "AirBaltic"), 9,5 hours - via Warsaw and Prague ( "LOT"), 20 hours - in Copenhagen and Berlin "Sas" (waiting dock - 15.5 hours), 7:00 - via Helsinki ( "Finnair"), 4,5 hours - via St. .Petersburg ( "STC Russia"), 5.5 hours - in Vienna ( "Austrian Airlines"), 8:00 - in Prague ( "Czech Airlines").

Selection of the airline

Flights from Riga to Moscow are carried outfollowing air carriers (they fly to 8 DHC Dash 8-400, Canadair Regional Jet 900, Embraer 170, ATR 72, AirbusA 321 and other aircraft): "KLM"; "Aeroflot"; "Ryanair"; "AirBaltic".

Registration on a flight from Riga to Moscow made inRiga Airport (RIX), which is located at a distance of 13 km from the Latvian capital (at your service - the bus number 22). Here everyone who is waiting for his flight, will be able to put the suitcases in the luggage room, to communicate with the staff representative of one of the banks to exchange currency at exchange offices, cash withdrawals at ATMs, satisfy your hunger in cafes and restaurants, spend time in the recreation areas, otovaritsya in stores duty-free, smoke in special areas.

What to do in an airplane?

During the flight, should decide who from friends andrelatives cheer gifts purchased in Riga, as the Riga balm "Melnais Balzams", chocolates produced at the confectionery factory "Laima", linen, ceramics and amber cosmetics "Dzintars", underwear brand "Lauma", pillows stuffed with buckwheat husks.


  • How to fly from Riga to Moscow?
  • How to fly from Riga to Moscow?

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