Riga 1 day: where to go in Riga

Riga 1 day

Riga 1 day

Full of charm and a special charm, the capital of LatviaIt attracts tourists like a magnet. Wander through its medieval streets, admire the stone hands of the Riga area, try a delicious coffee in the cozy restaurant or appreciate discreet beauty of the Baltic seaside - even 1 day in Riga can be a worthy subject for a photo shoot in a family album.

Petushki on towers

Home City Hall Riga area - mainattraction for those who do not have an excess of time. Here are the Cathedral Dome Cathedral, Town Hall and the famous House of the Blackheads. The main cathedral in Riga erected since the beginning of the XIII century. It was then laid the foundation for the construction, and the height of the towers of the cathedral now stands at 90 meters. Once it was much higher, but the wooden building does not stand the test of time.
Cathedral of St. James - the main Catholic churchRiga. Its spire is represented in all the tourist brochures and guidebooks, and petushek on the weather vane, crowning spire - the card of the Latvian capital. These bettas adorn many Riga towers, including St. Peter's Basilica, built in the beginning of the XIII century. Its tower taller than 120 meters can be seen from many points of the old town, and even arrived in Riga on Day 1, it is impossible not to notice this elegant building. By the way, the bell tower is open observation deck, which offers magnificent views of the city.

Multi-colored buses and a small concert

For those who seek to grasp the immensity,a great way to explore Riga will be a sightseeing tour on a double decker bus. The route includes the most famous sights of the Old Town and the buses can be seen from afar due to its bright coloring. By purchasing a ticket, you can go out at any stop, walk on you like a square or a street and continue on the path of the next bus.
The Dome Church can become a listenera small concert, which begins at noon daily. Within 15 minutes under the arches of the church organ music sounds great. Those time allows, prefer long evening concerts, but even a few minutes of beautiful music in the afternoon and give an idea about the excellent acoustics of the cathedral, and the magical sound of his instrument. Another important attraction of the Cathedral - its stained-glass windows depicting scenes from the Holy Scriptures.


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