Riga for children - what to see. Where to go with the child in Riga

Children Riga

Children Riga

Riga - European city with beautifularchitecture and many historical monuments. This historic city attracts thousands of tourists. Should I go to Riga with children? What is the smallest travelers like?

City museums

In Riga, there are many museums:

  • Museum of the History of Riga and Navigation
  • Museum of aviation technology
  • Military Museum
  • Riga Motor Museum
  • Railway Museum
  • Fire Technology Museum
  • Museum of the History of Medicine
  • Museum of Nature
  • Sun Museum
  • porcelain Museum

master classes are held in some of them forchildren and adults. For example, in the Riga Open Air Museum can go to the craft shops and souvenirs to do with their hands. The Sun Museum offers to paint the sun-ward. You can create your porcelain souvenir or ready to paint in the porcelain museum.
Boys will love the military museum. And you can touch the exhibits in the museum and the fire in the museum of aviation equipment: trying on a helmet fire, shake the pump or get into the plane.
can be found in the nature of the plant and museumWildlife Latvia. There are not only stuffed animals and fossils, and interactive exhibits. Perhaps you are lucky enough to get to one of the temporary annual exhibitions of flowers.


From entertainment in Riga there are several playrooms with roundabouts and slot machines. All of them are located in shopping malls. There is a racing simulator, go-karting and mazes.
In Jurmala, just a 20-minute drive from the city is the water park. Here, too, you can have fun with the kids. In the summer working all slides in the winter as there are only seven slides indoor pool.
In Riga, you can even go with children in the puppet theater. For toddlers and school children are put on plays in Russian.


In Riga many beautiful parks. You can just walk with their children and feed the ducks, and you can rent bicycles or rollers and ride with the whole family. In one of the parks, you can even go on a boat trip. The Mezaparks is Riga Zoo. And in the botanical garden - year-round tropical climate.


What else can interest children, so it isviewing platforms Riga. There are several of them. One is located in the Church of St. Peter at the height of 72 meters. Another - in the shopping center. The third - in the building of the Academy of Sciences. The highest platform is located in the Riga TV tower. Its height is 99 meters.


  • Children Riga

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