Viewpoints Riga. List of the best viewing points in Riga

Viewpoints Riga

Viewpoints Riga

Even the inhabitants of Riga who live more than one yearamong the cobbled streets and has become familiar to the eyes of urban landscapes, with surprise and enthusiasm recognize that viewing platforms allow Riga to discover the city in a new way. This is an opportunity not just to see, namely to feel the rhythm of the city and all of its charm, complemented the salty breath of the Gulf of Riga.

In the city you can find a review site, allowing to observe the city skyline from the bird's-eye view, take unique photos and just enjoy the feeling of freedom ...

Where are the best sightseeing sites in Riga?

The main attraction of the city - itSt. Peter's church, the tower of which is a great viewing platform. By the way, this is the highest of the city's church towers. The site is located at an altitude of 73 meters, the ascent to it is carried out in the elevator. Hence all Riga, as if on the palm - extends straight streets and intricate twists in all directions. Clearly you can see the tiled roofs of old houses, majestic Daugava, and white or gray high-rises, which are clearly visible among the green spaces and parks. And even such a "zest" as located on the roofs of private houses terraces and seating areas, this is not disappear from the eyes of curious tourists. The main observation deck of Riga is available for visits every day except Monday, open until 18:30 (during the summer). Login to the site - 5 lats.

What else there are observation platforms in Riga? A similar function is performed well, which have become almost traditional, glazed upper floors of high-rise buildings of the modern metropolis. Publicly available as a viewing platform the upper floors of the hotel Hotel Islande, Albert Hotel, as well as the 26 th floor of the hotel Radisson Blu Hotel Latvija (previously - Latvija Hotel).

At the 17th floor of the "House of the collective farmers" (Academy of Sciences)located and has recently become available for the general public to visit another lookout. It is perfectly visible, as "boils" the life of the modern city - central market with its daily and the usual bustle, railway bridge with a string of wagons carrying various cargoes, as well as many attractions in a new and interesting perspective.

The highest viewing platform in Riga - City Tower

Height of the tower - 368 meters, is the highestthe construction of this kind not only in Riga, but also throughout Latvia. The observation deck is located at an altitude of 98 meters, but this did not detract from the beauty of the paintings and easy adrenaline rush in the body when you look down from here.

Luxury panorama opening eyesthe observer through the glass window, captures not only the scenery and sights of the city, and Riga HPP, TPP-2 (slim tower), the port city, and in clear and sunny weather in the distance you can even see Sigulda bobsleigh run.

Riga TV Tower observation deck is open until 20:00 (during the summer). However, the group on the tour is a pre-enroll.


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