Where to eat in Riga - cheap and tasty

Where to eat in Riga?

Where to eat in Riga?

Resting in the Latvian capital, many travelers to the question: "Where to eat in Riga?" The city has a variety of food outlets - cafes, restaurants, pubs ...

Where to eat in Riga cheap?

Cheaply you can eat in the cafe Lage Kafejnica,which is located in the shopping center "Origo": salads here are worth 0.7 euros, first courses - from 1.5 euros, main dishes - from 0.9 euros. A business lunch in this place will cost 3.5 euros.

Budget meal can be in numerous kebabnyh. For example, in "TurKebab" apart from kebab, you can enjoy pizzas, sandwiches, soups, main dishes, traditional oriental sweets.

Be sure to visit popular place withtourists and locals Lido - a network of 8 restaurants specializing in the Latvian cuisine. Here you can enjoy various dishes, which are prepared in front of guests (dish salad bar is worth 2.8 euros, chicken burgers - from 1.35 euros, desserts - from 1.3 euros).

Try the delicious Turkish cuisine, kebabs and soups at reasonable prices you can, visit a fast food restaurant Foodbox Silent Center.

Where to eat in Riga tasty?

  • Bestsellers: This restaurant is located in Albert Hotel hotel building - you can find dishes of Russian, Chinese, French, Italian and Latvian cuisine in its menu. And for the youngest visitors there developed a special children's menu. In the same building you can visit the Star Lounge cocktail bar - here you will be able to enjoy the view over the city center.
  • Akhtamar: in this restaurant you can enjoy barbecue, getting ready on charcoal (25 species), as well as Armenian cuisine (over 200 species).
  • Steiku Haoss: this place will appeal to fans of steaks - then cook 17 kinds of steaks from pork, lamb, poultry and beef with natural spices. For meat dishes here are served a variety of side dishes, mellow wine or refreshing cocktails.
  • Alus Ordenis: This restaurant offers its guests enjoy the ancient and original dishes of Latvian cuisine - black pudding, pork knuckle, bovine eggs, pork "pigtail", crispy potato pancakes, as well as different varieties of Latvian beer.

Gastronomic tours in Riga

Latvia is famous for its masters of cookinglampreys. To see this, you will be offered an unforgettable journey to the famous family firm, located near Riga, in a nice suburban park. Here you will be able not only to see the cooking process, but also to try sushi lamprey and the famous jelly lamprey.

In Riga, you will not have problems with power supply -here they found their refuge as fast food restaurants, and relatively expensive restaurants, regularly conducting for its guests attractive promotions.


  • Where to eat in Riga?
  • Where to eat in Riga?
  • Where to eat in Riga?

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