Bus tours to Latvia. The cost of bus tours in Latvia in 2016

Bus tours to Latvia

Bus tours to Latvia

We often attract far the city with hisculture and diversity of the monuments of architecture and history. However, we often neglect our neighboring countries. To those include and a popular tourist destination Latvia. There is something to see. The first is, of course, the capital of Latvia - Riga, with well-preserved old town, which seems to have not touched the years and centuries. In addition to the capital in the country is enough for at least surprising places, although less well-known. That is why, if we use such a service, like bus tours, Latvia will open to travelers at all on the other side.

convenient bus

For those who go to Europe in the cultural and educational purposes, the journey on the tourist bus is undoubtedly the best option.

  • Firstly, such a method is different from all other relatively inexpensive price.
  • Secondly, the tourist in a relatively short period of time will be able to see a lot of sights and hear about Latvia a lot of information.
  • Third, allow bus toursmeet not only with how urban Latvians live, but also to feel the national spirit of the country, traveling in the outback. Finally, during this trip, tourists will taste a lot of dishes of national cuisine.

a beautiful little

In addition to the magnificent Riga, which is the capital of the state, travelers be sure to visit a few places that have played an important role in the country's history.

The greenest city in Latvia can rightly beconsidered Jelgava. These beautiful places are so many different nature reserves and parks, which are home to a variety of representatives of various species of birds and fish. Also, there are a lot of different palaces, made in luxurious Baroque style.

Another ancient city in the country, required forvisit during a bus tour - Ventspils. Almost every street of the Old Town is lined with unusual species tiles. tourist gaze necessarily hooked in mute admiration of the unique composition of the local fountains and pyramids of flowers. Also, there are many different historical buildings, including Ventspils medieval castle.

Latvia is rich not only ancient cities -the country has many wonderful resorts. The main and most picturesque of them - Jurmala. It is noteworthy that the resort was formed at the beginning of the XIX century and is one of the oldest in Europe.

Latvia is so measured and calm country, which is to go here on vacation, to rest from the hustle and everyday life of the city and restore vitality.

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