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Education in Latvia

Education in Latvia

Study in Europe is considered prestigious. So why not go for this purpose to Latvia - a country that offers its international students and receive a high quality education ?!

What are the advantages of education in Latvia?

  • Latvian diploma - international diploma;
  • The ability to study in Russian;
  • The ability to come to study on a student exchange program;
  • Reasonable tuition fees.

Higher education in Latvia

For admission to the Latvian university, you must haveCertificate of Secondary Education (foreigners must go through the procedure of recognition of the legitimacy of the document in the Academic Information Centre). When you receive do not need to pass the exams - a lot of attention paid to the estimates in the school leaving certificate.

On admission to the University of Latvia prospective applicant must submit a document certifying knowledge of the language.

Proceeding in the State University, for example,in Riga Technical University, one must be prepared for the fact that the language of instruction here - Latvian. However, foreign students can use to offer individual programs for which the training is conducted in English.

Get higher education in Latvia can be in private universities, for example, in the Baltic International Academy (taught subjects are taught in Russian).

Important: wishing to study in the Latvian stream, while studying can learn the Latvian language, and then transfer to another course.

With regard to training in Russian, thenlarge popular reception of technical education in the Transport and Telecommunication Institute in Riga, where you can learn specialties such as information technology, telecommunications, management, economics, logistics and transport.

Important: Even if the main language of instruction at the university is a Russian, students still have to know the Latvian language (training involves a one-year study of the Latvian language).

Working while studying

During training, students have the right toearn no more than 20 hours a week. You have to obtain a residence permit (the document necessary to issue to study at the Latvian university) to obtain a work permit and a signed agreement with the employer. Collected documents should be handed over to the Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs.

Study in Latvia promises great prospects - received higher education in this country, you can receive the Latvian citizenship and, therefore, become a member of the EU, which gives a lot of advantages.

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  • Education in Latvia
  • Education in Latvia
  • Education in Latvia
  • Education in Latvia
  • Education in Latvia

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