Holidays in Latvia in August: prices and weather. Where to rest in Latvia in August

Holidays in Latvia in August

Holidays in Latvia in August

The last month of summer will bring a lot of pleasant moments of visitors to this wonderful country, able to work and relax, strikes a leisurely pace of life, love for nature and people.

Holidays in Latvia can be held in AugustBaltic coast in the company of another warm sea, high sky and the famous dunes. Either make a wonderful journey into the past, getting acquainted with the history of Riga, its houses and streets, monuments and landmarks.

Weather in Latvia in August

The last month of summer, warm and happy loversdry weather, the temperature is steadily declining, the average temperature at 1-2 ° C colder in comparison with July. Suffice it to cool in Liepaja and Ventspils, about +20 ° C, in Riga and Jurmala +21 ° C, in Daugavpils +22 ° C. Nighttime temperatures are kept at + 11..14 ° C.

The water temperature on the coast continues to delight fans of sea bathing, the average +23 ° C. The impression of a beach holiday can spoil the cold winds of the Baltic.

city ​​Festival

In mid-August to visit the ancient Rigato take part in large-scale events dedicated to the City Day. The capital celebrates widely and fun, the main celebrations are held in the Verman Park and along the waterfront. The ringing of the bells in the Old Town to announce the launch of celebrations, particularly touching is the greeting of couples who have lived together happily for half a century.

Another amazing event city holidayis a night race, the distance lasts 4.5 kilometers and starts from the House of the congresses. For many who came here primarily is involved in this fun night start, and did not win. Events that are held in the picturesque Verman Park and allow participants to go back to my own eyes to see how living in Riga.

The second day of the festival even more surprised atthe waterfront there is a huge covered table, everyone can get acquainted with the local cuisine. Concerts, dance competitions, entertainment for children and adults - a kind of cultural marathon.

Virgin Mary Day

The most famous Christian holiday of AscensionVirgin Mary, which is celebrated in August in Latvia got its name - the Day of the Virgin Mary. The main celebrations takes place in Aglona, ​​a small village situated near Daugavpils. It was here that pilgrims come from all over the country. The village is known for its beautiful basilica, which is considered one of the most important pilgrimage churches in Latvian. The second attraction is the miraculous source of Aglona, ​​to which thousands of pilgrims flock every day.

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  • Holidays in Latvia in August
  • Holidays in Latvia in August

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