Holidays Latvia - tradition. National holidays in Latvia

Holidays Latvia

Holidays Latvia

Holidays Latvia celebrated noisily. Many of them were observed in ancient times, but gradually lose its original meaning, becoming a convenient excuse to relax.

Salsa Festival in Riga

You can not resist the catchy rhythms of salsa,then come to the nation's capital in June. Here, for three whole days, their skills are divided into dancers from many countries in Europe. World-class DJs twist his plate, creating a unique melody, under which you can get a master class from the best of the best.

"Pozitivus" Festival

Are you willing to give up a comfortable soft bedspend three days in the Gulf of Riga? But not just so, and among the many fans of alternative music. Then you definitely need to visit Riga in July, it is in this month and runs Pozitivus Festival. This is the most large-scale musical events throughout the Baltic States, which is held annually since 2007 on the territory of Latvia.

Salacgriva is transformed into an incredibly hugetent city. It has its own platform and the stage, handicraft shops, cafes with tasty food and a grocery store where you can buy anything you want. The main hero of the occasion - the music - is presented in different directions. Rock, pop, folk, dance, punk - a huge variety of genres.

Most of the participants of the little-known, orjust starting a career vocal musicians. And come here not only Latvians, Europe represented a huge number of newcomers, eager to fame and recognition. Famous musicians in no hurry to remember the youth. But it is in the opening of a new name or a group, and attracts a huge number of people. On average, there are 30 thousand visitors.

Of course, the main pastime here -concerts. But festival organizers try to provide their guests with alternative entertainment. This is a different film screenings, playing badminton, but not a couple, and what is called "the crowd at the crowd," aerobics on the bay and various creative baton.

"Zimassvetki" Festival

The winter solstice - another holidaydate, which residents say with great pleasure. The shortest day of the year honored in the territory of the Ethnographic Museum, located to the east of the capital. In fact, this winter party under the open sky. The fire must be lit until the end of the holiday, as well people are exempt from all the misfortunes that have happened in the past year.


  • Holidays Latvia
  • Holidays Latvia
  • Holidays Latvia

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