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Rent a car in Latvia

Rent a car in Latvia

Latvia - a country characterized by its richfolk traditions, as well as a huge number of masterpieces of urban architecture. There are great seaside resorts. Moreover, there are about fifty castles, to visit which will be very interesting. In addition, throughout the country there are many lakes, there are mineral springs. Jurmala, in fact the main resort of the country, far from crowded hotels. Not only in Latvia and resorts, however, many of them are beginning to modernize today.

To explore the important Latvianattractions, and just travel around the country with the comfort, you can hire a car. For convenience, you can book a car directly to the airport to your arrival to Latvia.

Features SDA Latvia

The very same car rental in Latvia should be in a good, reliable company.

Once behind the wheel of the rental car, you should keep in mind that traffic Latvia has a number of features. And with them, be sure to read in advance is recommended.

Overtaking in Latvia - it is ahead of the curve with the vehicle moving into the oncoming lane and then return to the previously occupied strip. As for us in the SDA on the subsequent return of a reservation on the same number there.

Moreover, if you need to use the servicefor car rental without a driver (in Latvia is extremely rare car rentals with driver), then you should know that in this country you can not stop on bridges, overpasses and underpasses, regardless of the number of bands in these structures. We have also permitted, but only when the strips in one direction, three or more. In Latvia it is forbidden to stay in close proximity to the bus stops and a taxi rank, on sidewalks and bands of acceleration and deceleration.

If you have to move on the locality, at bus there are all priorities, and he had to give way on the road.

Strictly observing the traffic regulations in Latvia, you can save yourself from the seemingly inevitable with the police, as well as the payment of the fine. fines system in Latvia is much more rigid than ours.

Terms of rental in Latvia

From the documents for the rental you will need:

  • driver's license according to international standards;
  • international passport;
  • Medical insurance (all traveling);
  • certificate of registration of the vehicle;
  • civil liability insurance, which acts on the territory of Latvia (the so-called Green Card or Green Card).

Get a green card in Russia can be no earlier than a month before the trip. This can be done in one of the insurance companies, moreover, at a fixed price.


  • Rent a car in Latvia

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