Riga 3 days: where to go in Riga

Riga 3 days

Riga 3 days

Weekends or holidays in the capital of Latvia - isfabulous mix of many different experiences from exploring the medieval streets to the merriment in trendy nightclubs. Especially when you consider that the road from Moscow takes less than two hours and tickets are readily available at a price. In short, Riga for 3 days - a very interesting scenario for a trip of any format.

Let's count together

You can not just wander in the capital of Latvia andenjoy the sights, but also to engage in an interesting mathematics. For example, the pipe organ at the Cathedral of entire 6718, and each of them is directly involved in the creation of musical masterpieces. Listen to the body, and at the same time enjoy the pomp and grandeur of the monument to famous Riga architecture can be in the square, which remembers the steps of Franz Liszt. A brilliant musician wrote a special song for the occasion of the consecration of the organ in the cathedral.
No less exciting might be estimatescockerels adorning spiers of local councils. In Riga for 3 days it is quite possible to gather all the bird collection, looking at the roof of the Cathedral of St. Peter, St. John and St. James. Last on the list, by the way, it was built by the monks of the Livonian Order in the XIII century.

Balm on the heart

A great reason to go to the capital of Latvia -Christmas Holidays. If the trip to Riga for three days has fallen in this time, you can start the tour from the Dome Square, where the noisy New Year's Fair. The best way to keep an eye on gifts for friends and colleagues is difficult to come up with. Latvian masters offer buyers bright knit caps and sweaters with reindeer handmade and strong half of the tourism fraternity solid eyeing the beer mug and the famous Riga Balsam.
The brand "Riga Black Balsam" first patented pharmacist Kunze in the XVIII century, invented the elixir on dozens of herbs. Approved by the Empress, the miracle balm became the most popular souvenir from Latvia.

In the footsteps of movie stars

In Riga, for 3 days, you can have time to feelthe hero of the famous movie. The capital of Latvia has always been a popular filming location in Soviet cinema, and its streets there were many events and "Seventeen Moments of Spring" and "Arrows of Robin Hood". Here, I loved and hated prisoner of the Chateau d'If, to unravel the chilling crime in "Midsomer Murders", as Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson were walking on rizhsko- "London" alleys on the way to Baker Street.


  • Riga 3 days
  • Riga 3 days

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