Tax free in Latvia. The principle of tax-free return in Latvia

Tax free in Latvia

Tax free in Latvia

If you live outside the European Union, you have the opportunity to reclaim VAT on an ongoing basis. In this case the total value of the perfect purchase you can return up to 17%.

VAT refund Stages

  • In the beginning you need to find the shops, the windows of which will be a sticker Tax free shopping. The possibility of this service should be checked with the sellers.
  • The total amount of the purchase must be from 43 euros. Keep in mind that committing small purchases in various departments of the shopping center, allows you to get a check for the total amount, with the result that the VAT refund becomes possible. Tax free does not apply to services.
  • Store Seller must present a passport toIn order to get a special check and make its design. The document is required to enter the relevant personal data to avoid any typos, errors.
  • Store employees will pack and sealed the goods purchased. The package can not be opened up to the border, and the receipt of the mark.
  • At the customs when leaving the EU are required to present a check, passport and packed, sealed products. This will put the customs stamp on the export.
  • Without obtaining a mark of customs VAT refund will not work. At the same time getting the procedure will be able to pass only if the goods are transported by man, which is listed on the check.
  • You have the option to choose the best way to return cash: cash, bank check, transfer to the credit card.

What rules must be followed

Taking advantage of tax free system in Latvia is important to remember a few rules:

  • Purchases need to take out of the European Union within three months after they occurred.
  • Customs stamp should be receiving is not in Latvia and the European Union in the latter country, where you will visit.
  • The check can be used for one year, during which it must be cashed or send by mail.

Compliance with these rules and understanding ofthe procedure ensures that the VAT return will take place and you will be able to enjoy the benefits of this system. Preferring shopping in Latvia, you will appreciate the variety of offered assortment and the perfect quality of all products.


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  • Tax free in Latvia

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