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Tourism in Latvia

Tourism in Latvia

Locals are well aware that tourismLatvia is an important component of economic well-being of the country, because the bowels of the poor, the industry lags behind the West, and agriculture is not profitable.

In such circumstances, the only hope for the guests of Latvia,who come to relax in the warm coast of the Baltic Sea, to visit the famous castles, to undergo treatment or rehabilitation in numerous sanatoriums.

Metropolitan life

Meeting with Latvia many starts oncapital Cities. Riga - one of the oldest and most beautiful cities in Europe, retained the breath of eternity. In the center of attention - the old town, a walk through which can be infinite. Narrow, tight streets, ancient buildings of interesting architecture, small discoveries at every turn.

Quite a different impression leaves homeRiga landmark - the famous Duomo. The grandeur of the buildings, the majesty and pomp silences even the most talkative tourists. These impressions will remain in the memory of the luggage, and leave in a suitcase beautiful gifts for family - products made of amber, crystal, ceramics, and delicious - chocolate and the famous "Riga Balsam."

In cities and villages

Besides the beautiful old Riga, in Latvia there are many other interesting towns and cities have their own highlights:

  • Daugavpils, with its impressive castle, a wonderful park and a variety of places of worship;
  • Latvian "Switzerland" - Sigulda with stunningly beautiful landscapes in the Gauja River valley and national park;
  • No less famous, but also surprising Cesis, which also has its own park, the castle and the main attraction - "Nut Mountain".

The main resort in Latvia

Inimitable Jurmala has been a dream of many blueSoviet citizens. In the minds of their vacation here equated to travel abroad. Today we can say almost the same thing, especially with regard to the cost of the holiday on the Baltic Sea.

Oddly enough, many tourists are not afraid of highprices, by contrast, are looking at local sites in the hope of acquiring a piece of land in their own use. Travelers are attracted to Jurmala amazing white sand, dunes and pine trees, as well as a rich cultural program.

Home fame in the concert hall "Dzintari", whereare the most meaningful concerts and performances. Life vacationers at this resort in a measured pass pastime at the beach and a leisurely stroll along the main street of the city.


  • Tourism in Latvia
  • Tourism in Latvia
  • Tourism in Latvia

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