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Treatment in Latvia

Treatment in Latvia

When people talk about the treatment in Latvia, imaginationdraws the Baltic coast, covered with pine trees where even the air seems to be healing and seawater - can get rid of many ailments. Riga seaside resorts - is the perfect way to relax in the most natural for a European climate and obtain comfort, excellent service and perfect care in one of the most comfortable and hospitable corner of the Baltic.

important rules

Going on vacation or treatment in Latvia isTraveller arrange medical insurance policy. This fact simplifies the visa and will make possible a refund on emergency treatment in case of an emergency.

Choosing a sanatorium or resort, it is besttake with a medical history and other medical records to your doctor in Latvia, it was easier to prescribe treatment and to determine the additional recommendations and procedures.

How to help here?

The country has a Medical Tourism Center,coordinating the activities of all clinics, working with foreign patients. In addition to spa treatment in Latvia, travelers can take advantage of paid services of hospitals specializing in the disposal of a wide range of diseases. Taking this opportunity, being in the country tourists visit the dental clinic and consult plastic surgeons, consult with experts of reproductive medicine and to make an appointment for Drug Addiction and dermatologists. It is these areas of medicine are particularly well developed and physicians such clinics have the recognition and credibility at the international level.

Methods and Achievements

The main resort in Latvia, treatment and rest in whichwas the subject of another desire of Soviet citizens, this is a great Jurmala. Besides the sea, pine trees and interesting cultural and recreational activities, urban health resorts can offer its visitors:

  • Treatment of mineral waters and therapeutic muds joint disease and gastrointestinal tract, gynecological and dermatological pathologies.
  • weight reduction programs with a special balanced nutrition and physical fitness programs designed for the most patients of different degrees of physical fitness.
  • Perfect relaxation and wellness programs for the elderly.
  • The best conditions for a family vacation and holidays for children and adolescents.

Price issue

Prices of treatment in Latvia is better to specify sitesspecialized clinics, but on average they were slightly lower than in the first five countries in Europe. FGS and CT will cost 70-90 euros, uncomplicated births, followed by departure will cost around 2,000 euros, for breast enlargement surgery will have to pay about 3,300 euros, and for the injection of Botox - to 150 euros.


  • Treatment in Latvia
  • Treatment in Latvia
  • Treatment in Latvia

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