Flag Lebanon: photos, history, meaning of colors of the national flag of Lebanon

Flag of Lebanon

Flag of Lebanon

Flag of the Republic of Lebanon has a rectangularform, which the sides are proportional to each other in a ratio of 2: 3. It consists of three bands of unequal width of the red and white colors, arranged horizontally on the panel. The lower and upper bands are narrower and have a bright red color, and the average of the flag - white. In the center of the cloth on a white background shows schematically tree Lebanese cedar green.

Flag of Lebanon in its current form was officiallyIt approved February 1, 1967. Previously existing state symbol somewhat different image of cedar, which was two-tone. The old flag was adopted as part of the state symbols in 1943. It was then that Lebanon was officially recognized as an independent state, and its struggle for sovereignty over.

The fate of the State of Lebanon was formed verynot easy. Extreme religious diversity and the geopolitical situation on the world map have been the causes of civil wars and protracted armed conflicts. The flag of the country reflected all the internal contradictions and the red color symbolizes not accidentally spilled in the war of liberation of Lebanese blood of patriots. White stripes - it's not only the purity of snow-covered mountain, but also the thoughts of the best representatives of the Lebanese people.

Lebanese cedar, whose image decoratesflag of the Lebanese flag, a traditional symbol of the country and is associated with the Christian religion. It is mentioned in the Bible and symbolizes immortality and righteous thoughts. In the XVIII century cedar it was adopted as a symbol of their faith Maronite sect, whose influence on the Lebanese people were the strongest. According to today's political traditions of the country, as President of Lebanon and some important portfolios in government owned legally Maronite representatives. Thus, the silhouette on the Lebanese cedar flag acquires a clear meaning.

Under the flag of Lebanon were born manydecent people. Here we were born writers Kahlil Gibran and Nassim Nicholas Taleb. On the territory of modern Lebanon invented the first alphabet, got glass and welded the first in the history of civilization soap. Today Lebanon - a country with a rich cultural heritage, historical background, which is often called the Switzerland of the Middle East.

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