The capital of Lithuania: map, photo. What is the capital of Lithuania?

Vilnius - the capital of Lithuania

Vilnius - the capital of Lithuania

The capital of Lithuania, Vilnius city reallymany faces. Every guest of the capital can find exactly what he is looking for. For some, it is an active city life, for others - numerous cultural events and, of course, the opportunity to establish the necessary business contacts. And yet all are united in the opinion that Vilnius - it cathedrals and churches, the charm of the Old Town, cozy outdoor cafes and huge parks.

Catholic church of St. Anne

Miniature Church - the card of the capital. For the construction of the facade of the 33 types of brick were used, and the building itself was built in the late Gothic style. the architect who created the architectural masterpiece remains unknown until now.

The interior of the church is practically noIt differs from the accepted standards except for a small detail - a small gallery, connecting it with the Bernardine Church, located nearby.

Across the street from the temple is a tiny little square, where you can lie on the grass and plenty to admire its Gothic lace.

Tower of Gediminas

The tower is located on the slope of the Castle Hill and was built in the same Gothic style. Visually, it is a three-story structure, having an octagonal shape.

It was named in honor of the Lithuanian Grand Duke Gediminas,He is the founder of the city. Scientists suggest that his order gave life to the tower. But there is evidence that the building already existed in the 13th century. What data are correct - does not matter. Tower has always played a major role in the fate of the city, as was part of a defensive fortress. And it is only one and was able to survive after the 17th-century warrior. Today it is a museum exhibition devoted to the history of the capital.

Cathedral Square

Area Gediminas (as it was called earlier) -central area of ​​Vilnius. To get here, you need to go to the historic center of the capital straight to the Cathedral of St. Stanislaus. On Cathedral Square are all folk festivals, concerts, political rallies, etc.

The area of ​​this place was relatively recently, in19th century. Previously, there were placed ordinary houses and Lower Castle. After the fort was demolished, the area has grown significantly and was named area. Nearby you will find many attractions, such as Mount of Three Crosses and Tower Gedemin.

Historical Center

Old Town is located on the left bank of the Neris andIt is the oldest part of the Lithuanian capital. The area covers the Castle hill, the Town Hall and Cathedral Square, as well as several adjacent blocks.

Formation of the historical center falls onthe medieval period, but because the variety of architectural styles that you see here is simply amazing. This lace Gothic and Art Nouveau, and Classicism, and, of course, pretentiousness Baroque.


  • Vilnius - the capital of Lithuania
  • Vilnius - the capital of Lithuania
  • Vilnius - the capital of Lithuania

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