Taxi in Vilnius - price, order. How much is a taxi in Vilnius

Taxi in Vilnius

Taxi in Vilnius

Taxi tour in Vilnius costs notexpensive, because this city is a small Lithuanian town. In addition, the taxi will rescue all those who will not be able to use public transport.

Taxi services in Vilnius

The street is not taken to stop a taxi - for himyou can go to a dedicated parking. It is worth noting that in this case would be higher than the cost of travel, sometimes even twice, therefore advantageous to resort to other methods.

To call a taxi (not necessarily speakLithuanian or English - in Vilnius understand the Russian language) you may need the following numbers: + 370-5-277-7777; + 370-5-231-03-10; + 370-5-233-3999; + 370-5-266-6666; 3870-5-244-4444 + (cost of the call depends on your operator's tariff plan). Call the taxi and short numbers: 1442, 1465, 1313, 1499 (price per call - $ 0.3 / 1 minute). A possible cause for the auto sms, sending a message with the city and the address of your location on a bed + 3-706-33-44-553 or 8-633-44-53.

Important: before you sit down in the car and hit the road, make sure that it is equipped with a counter on the body car logo reflects the company-carrier, and the driver is licensed.

you can resort to a taxi service, if desired,recommended Vilnius airport - you can find it on a dedicated line for taxis, which will meet you when you come out of the arrival terminal (pay for travel can be in cash or by payment cards).

The cost of a taxi in Vilnius

Thinking, how much is a taxi in Vilnius? In informational purposes should examine the following information:

  • for passenger boarding asked to pay 2 euros;
  • day 1 km overcome cost passengers 1 euro at night and on holidays and weekends - 1.5 euros;
  • downtime costs, including plugs, Euros is 0.2 / 1 minute.

If you are interested, how much about youcost trip from Vilnius Airport to popular places such as that, the Old Town you will pay about 15 euros, to the Palace of Exhibitions Litexpro - 10 euros, to the Constitution of the Prospectus - 12 euros. Tip: pay attention to the counter - often in the daytime drivers include a night rate. At the end of the trip you have to get the driver's check, which should be retained in case you are not satisfied with the work of a taxi driver, or you forget your things.

In order not to be penalized, while driving all passengers, including those in the rear seats must be wearing seat belts.

Navigate through the city from one area of ​​Vilnius in another convenient and comfortable by taxi - local drivers will take you to the right place in the shortest possible time.

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