Beaches of Palanga: photos, videos. The best sandy beaches in Palanga (Lithuania)

Beaches in Palanga

Beaches in Palanga

Baltic States - the perfect choice for seasonalholiday, if your budget is limited or if you do not want to spend during the holidays large number of vehicles. Beaches in Palanga, a resort town on the Baltic coast, await guests at any time, doing all their moods for a small fee. Palanga is famous, first of all, that its developed tourist infrastructure, so in the season there are a lot of fans have rest coming from different European countries. The number of local hotels to suit every taste and color are up to four, and medical and health centers will not only help to gain strength in the year ahead, but also to prevent unpleasant diseases.

Especially the beaches of Palanga

The best sandy beaches of Palanga has it all for the highest quality and productive leisure:

  1. the proximity of pine trees and stunning scent in the air;
  2. beach equipment: sunbeds, canopies, comfortable cabanas;
  3. playgrounds for volleyball and table tennis, as well as bike paths;
  4. rescue station and vigilant brave rescuers, who will monitor the safety of you and your children.

Palanga - it really is a fabulous place,experience which is difficult to convey in plain words. The water temperature in the perfect holiday season - the three summer months - ranging from 19 to 23 degrees and the air is heated to 30 degrees. This is another nice plus - too hot is not the case, even in the height of summer, so it will be less likely to suffer from a solar or heat stroke.

Sudden changes in temperature, you are notYou feel, and do not suffer from a heavy downpour - such phenomena in Palanga is simply not there. At the local botanical garden, you can relax during the zenith, enjoy the scents of exotic plants and photograph the beautiful flowers and trees.

Other benefits of recreation in Palanga

Palanga can simultaneously accommodate up to 3000tourists, not counting the fans of "wild" beach holiday who prefer to travel on their own. It is located just three of the museum with lots of organized tours, so a pleasant vacation can be combined with useful educational element. In addition to the museums and the magnificent pine trees, the city has many other attractions that may interest you: Tyszkiewicz Palace, Mount Birute, Seaside Regional Park, Samogitia hunger and so on. Palanga also boasts the adjusted ferry from Kiel, Karlshamn (Sweden) and Travemünde (Germany), Aabenraa and Aarhus (Denmark), and there is a large international airport.

Photos Palanga beaches

  • Beaches in Palanga
  • Beaches in Palanga
  • Beaches in Palanga
  • Beaches in Palanga

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