Bus tours to Lithuania. The cost of bus tours through Lithuania in 2016

Bus tours to Lithuania

Bus tours to Lithuania

Lithuania - a unique, colorful and original edgewhich is famous for its clean lakes, rivers, sand dunes and amber Baltic coast. In this country miraculously intertwined history, culture and beautiful nature. Rest in Lithuania - the cherished desire of the majority of Russians of different incomes.

Lithuania from the bus window

Lithuania - near and dear neighbor, to which you canfast and comfortable to come to visit. That is why bus tours to Lithuania so popular. Comfortable buses constantly travel between countries and within a short period of time, you can safely walk through the ancient streets.

Usually the tour lasts 3-4 days (not counting timeway), these days you will fully enjoy the beauty of Lithuanian cities. First in the list is a visit to Vilnius - the capital of the country. Bus excursion allows you to appreciate the attractiveness and comfort of the old town. Vilnius Historic Centre is included in the UNESCO cultural heritage list.

Apart from the capital of Latvia, tourists will visit the ancientKaunas and Trakai. In these places are ancient castles, monasteries and cathedrals. What to say to see the famous Trakai Castle - the only castle in the Baltic States, located on an island.

What attracts tourists in Lithuania:

  • The mild maritime climate, clean sandy beaches and numerous resorts. You can not only relax the whole family, but also to improve their health.
  • Many national parks, where you can feel the merger with nature and go into the woods for mushrooms and berries.
  • Shopping in stores, prices of which will delight people of all income levels.

When planning a bus tour, pay attention to the daysnational holidays. Lithuanians are very satisfied with the respect for tradition and enchanting festivals. Take part in such a ceremony - a real pleasure. That is why more and more popular are tours during the Christmas holidays.

The country has honored folk craft and almostevery month arrange lush fair. At this time, you can buy various household goods handmade for a nominal fee, as well as original souvenirs with a rich amber finish.

Bus tour to Lithuania will leave in your memoryNice memories. In addition to viewing the amazing beauty of the places, you will appreciate the absence of a language barrier, and the usual delicious food and, of course, short travel time, no night trips. And if you have not yet decided on the venue for the holiday - feel free to go to Lithuania, taking the children and parents. Be sure everyone will find something here that will make travel to this unique country again and again.

Photos of bus tours to Lithuania

  • Bus tours to Lithuania

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