Lithuania Coat of Arms: photo, value, description

Coat of arms of Lithuania

Coat of arms of Lithuania

Small Baltic state has carriedbe heir to the Great Duchy of Lithuania. Therefore, the modern coat of arms of Lithuania, approved in 1992, has very deep roots and symbolism. He even has a shorter name - Vitis, which translated from the Lithuanian language means Pursuit, and in Russian - Knight.

Militant beauty

The word "chase" in this context has a differentthe value of the so-called soldiers standing guard state borders. Therefore, the Lithuanian coat of arms depicts a rider and a horse, and, both man and animal is painted in silver color. The image is placed on a dark red shield. Rider and horse looking to the west side.

Warrior holding a silver sword in his right hand (liftingit is quite threatening), and the left - azure shield decorated with a double gold cross. Azure color is present in the color saddle, bridle. Quite a lot of gold-colored details:

  • arm raised over his head the sword;
  • stirrups rider;
  • harness connections.

In general, the colors are very intense, deep, often used for state symbols of many countries.

Pursuit - Print

The first document, the person who committed such a symbol,It refers to 1366. By the end of the century it is actively used and Jagiello on their seals, and came after him Vytautas. With the advent of the new century, the coat of arms "Pursuit" is raised to a higher level, becoming a major national symbol of Grand Duchy of Lithuania. His image appears on the Statute ON, it is now called the first Belarusian Constitution because it is composed of a large part of today's Belarus.

Chase as part of the coat of arms

The loss of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania their positionsled to the division of the territory, joining them to other states, the formation of new ones, such as the Commonwealth. The Chase Coat ceases to be independent and become part of the main character of the Commonwealth. And after the third division of this state already and transition areas under the authority of the Russian Empire (1795) Chasing becomes part of the Russian emblem, appearing on one of the heraldic shields. It is understood that about Lithuania like independent state speech could not be. It was only the twentieth century brought the country on the path of independent development. Vytis Coat acted as a symbol of the independent Republic of Lithuania until 1940.

Soviet power was established in theseterritories lasted until the early 1990s when Lithuania finally became free again and able to independently determine the internal and external policies, as well as make a major choice in favor of Chase.


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