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Lithuania Holidays

Lithuania Holidays

Lithuania - an incredibly interesting country where everywhereheard Russian speech. Perhaps that is why our people feel at home here. And here they love and are able to relax with a truly Russian scope, therefore Lithuania holidays surprisingly diverse. Where you can visit and fishing, and theater, and cinema, and other festivals.

Festival "Palanga Smelt"

The holiday falls on the month of February. At this time, Palanga turns into a huge "fish house". Squares and streets are decorated with huge tents, where you can taste fish specialties or buy anything on the memory. The main dish all the restaurants are ear and smelt. But the bulk of the people moved to the pier, where the real fishing battles unfold. At first, fishermen are trying to surpass each other in the number of fish caught, and then who will eat more of her.


One of the pagan holidays that Lithuanianscelebrated for centuries. Residents of the country celebrate it as much as 4 days. In the shortest night of the summer bonfires, dancing and, of course, vorozhat. That night, Latvians enthusiastically looking blooming fern, because there is certainly a treasure underneath. And through the fire campfire it is necessary to jump with your partner. According to legends, it strengthens marriage.

Especially zealous is celebrated in Vilnius, Palanga and ancient Kernavė. Jonines - the perfect time to get acquainted with the traditions of the country, to admire the old dances and costumes.

Fair Kaziukas

In March, you should definitely be included in the list of the walking visit to the world famous crafts fair. Dedicated to St. Casimir it - the patron and protector of the country.

Castle Street and all the adjacent lanesOld Town turns into a huge open-air workshop where craftsmen working different trades: blacksmiths, weavers, potters and others. Here you can buy products from amber, ceramics, straw ware and other popular souvenirs.

Entertain guests Fair numerous street musicians. At the fair you can enjoy delicious cakes, candies, sausages and other food.

Jazz festival

Klaipeda Castle - one of the most visitedPlaces whose museum is visited by crowds of tourists from all over the world. But the beginning of June and in his already full of life burst sounds jazz and blues improvisation, swing rhythms. It is here, bright and colorful, Klaipeda holds its jazz festival - one of the most popular musical events in Europe.

Here to showcase their talents,Musicians come from many countries. Masters give master classes, while the young performers take part in the "New wave of jazz", the competition for which many and come here.

Castle unable to keep the feast, and he seemed a living organism spills out onto the streets, forcing the entire Klaipeda ring from his rhythms.


  • Lithuania Holidays
  • Lithuania Holidays
  • Lithuania Holidays

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