Holiday in Druskininkai - photos. Summer vacation in Druskininkai 2015

Holiday in Druskininkai

Holiday in Druskininkai

Holiday in Druskininkai - is a great opportunitynot only improve your health (this is the best spa and mud Lithuanian resort), but also to explore the local attractions, and to do active work.

The main types of recreation in Druskininkai

  • Treatment: Spa specializes in the treatment of various diseases (gynecological, cardiovascular diseases, diseases of the nervous and digestive systems). For the treatment of active use of calcium chloride-sodium waters, sapropel and peat mud, as well as procedures such as vertical, pearl, turpentine, carbon dioxide baths, mud baths, massage, galvanic mud therapy, therapeutic exercises.
  • Sightseeing: as part of tours you can visit the Museum "Forest Echo" (here are a collection of stuffed rare birds and animals, as well as fantastic characters and works of art made of amber, black ceramic and wood), see the Moorish villa and Imperial. For those wishing to organize a trip to the village Nauyasodes (worth walking through the sculpture park and recreation Česnulis) and Dzukija National Park.
  • Active: Anyone can go fishing in the local lakes (here you can catch perch, carp, crayfish), take a walk or ride a bike (note the specially padded timber routes), canoeing or kayaking, join the winter fun all year round complex "Snow Arena" (available to the guests - a snowboard park, ski slopes, entertainment park for children, bars), have fun in the park of water entertainment "Druskininkai Aquapark" and adventure park adventure park "One" (people of any age can "walk" through the trees on a specially laid tracks at an altitude of up to 16 m).

Prices for tours to Druskininkai

Vacationing in Druskininkai best inMay-September. Travelers should be prepared to increase the cost of permits in Druskininkai by 25-30% in the June-September, and on May, Christmas and New Year holidays. If you have limited budget, then purchase tickets to the Lithuanian city can be in the low season (October-April), when prices are encouraging its democratic character.

On a note!

Walking in the dark streets of the city can be safely, but in places where people have to be vigilant due to the frequent cases of theft here.

If you are used to on holiday to rentcar, keep in mind that there are areas closed to vehicles. And not to be fined a large sum of money, should strictly observe the traffic rules. In addition, in order not to pay the fine, it is advisable to smoke in specially designated areas.

In memory of their holiday in Druskininkai can bring leather, linen, porcelain, amber and ceramics, local cosmetics, wooden toys, jewelry, watches, wine.

Photos vacation in Druskininkai

  • Holiday in Druskininkai
  • Holiday in Druskininkai
  • Holiday in Druskininkai

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