Lithuania Kitchen: photos, recipes and dishes of national cuisine of Lithuania

Lithuanian Kitchen

Lithuanian Kitchen

Despite the fact that Lithuania has similar kitchenfeatures of the Belarusian cookery, and besides, it was influenced by German, Polish and Slavic culinary traditions, it is unique and distinctive.

National cuisine of Lithuania

As the main ingredient of many dishesserves potato: from it prepare puddings, pancakes, potato sausages ( "vederay") and "zeppelins" (potato dish with meat, poured on top of the sour cream sauce, butter and spices). On the table are always present Lithuanian venison dishes, fish, meat, so it's worth to try black pudding ( "pudding"), smoked eel; herring with fried onions and cream, goose stuffed with apples, mushrooms and cabbage; Smoked pig ears with sauerkraut, peas and bacon. The pride of the local table is black rye bread, slices of which roast, sprinkle with grated cheese, rubbed with garlic and served to the Lithuanian beer.

Popular Lithuanian dishes:

  • "Skilandis" (smoked pork sausage);
  • "Kumpis" (ham, stuffed with herbs, garlic and spices);
  • "Shaltibarshchyay" (cold soup of beetroot on yogurt);
  • "Morecambe apkyapass" (a dish in the form of carrot casseroles);
  • "Sryuba tomato" (tomato soup with rice);
  • "Indariti agurkay" (a dish of stuffed cucumber).

Where to try Lithuanian food?

Since Lithuania honored tradition, here youmeet a sufficient number of catering establishments, where you can taste the Lithuanian cuisine. In addition, travelers are advised to look into the restaurant-brewery, where in addition to beer and snacks to it, visitors are offered to choose any dishes from the European and Lithuanian menu.

Vilnius is a snack in "Avilis" (in thisthe restaurant is open mini-brewery, so you will be able to watch how the beer is brewed, taste the drink and dishes such as beer soup, beer ice cream, fruit jelly beer, as well as fish and meat Lithuanian dishes) or "Ritos Smukle" (of drinks offers to book a carrot or apple juice, and of the Lithuanian cuisine - Lithuanian beetroot soup or potato pancakes with meat), in Kaunas - in "Lietuvos Patekalai" (restaurant specializing in traditional dishes, preparing potato - potato gratin, Zeppelin, potato cutlets).

Cooking classes in Lithuania

The Culinary School TRAKU 9 cooking school will be able to learn how to prepare Lithuanian dishes at the open cooking classes here.

A trip to Lithuania could be timed to coincide withthe Festival "Palanga Smelt" (Palanga, February), where you can taste the fish dishes, presented in fairground tents and watch the competitions held between the fishermen.


  • Lithuanian Kitchen
  • Lithuanian Kitchen
  • Lithuanian Kitchen

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